Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers ~ A Conspiracy of Lust by @SexyMuffyWilson

What is it about powerful men and the throngs of willing women? Is it the man, the woman or the combusting surroundings?

Have a quick read and find out, then read all the other participating authors to see what they have selected as their inspiration photo and read their 200 word short story. Find them waiting for you below, patiently, or here.

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A Conspiracy of Lust

You never plan nor expect to be swept away. That is rare. When the air is thick with excitement and anticipation, it ignites a charge within and you are on alert for the “something” to happen while not knowing what “it” is at the time.

The surrounding atmosphere is elevating, inexplicably electrified, nearly lifting the lamb to the altar. You walk eagerly into the hunger. That undeniable connection feels romantic, exciting, illicit, forbidden—even if it is not—making the magnetic attraction feel more like destiny.

The lit tether of desire is more like a fuse and you are helpless to resist. The rest becomes a foregone shared conclusion—a conspiracy of lust—of mounting excitement and crescendo.

Pulses race, hearts soar, knees weaken—flesh responds to a heightened anticipation of being touched. Your stomach has tied your eagerness into a series of fiery knots. Your secret folds begin to engorge with a mounting fervor. A burning heat automatically swells the tender flesh drawing the soft tissue back as the very core of your existence grows. When the movements of soft thighs rub silken panties against the growing, demanding bud, a primal lust accelerates.

There is no denying a woman ignited under those circumstances.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. That was wonderful, Muffy! Beautifully written with great passion.

  2. Such passionate words. Loved it, Muffy :-)

  3. beautifully written tease full of passion


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