Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, June 12, 2012 ~ Sunday with Love

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday and I am waxing nostalgic.  A single photograph and our impressions in 200 words or less.  Today is Sunday with Love.  Enjoy, my friends.....

Sunday with Love

Sunday's were always special, and this one was going to prove no different. While everyone slept the early morning hours into the late, the dew dried slowly on the stretching blades of grass.  The leaves, heavy waking, yawned into the peeking sun's embrace and we two tip-toed through the house to the waiting, darkened kitchen.  

In these simple quiet hours before the world burst into life, our private laughter, our shared moments, carried the aroma of bacon and eggs up to the others, easing them into the waiting sunlight. 

You were the first man I fell in love with. You taught me that to love and be loved was the single source of joy that life truly offered. I thought that was a special secret, so much was ours alone.   

But, today is not ours, only yours....... alone. As we say goodbye on this last Sunday together, I wonder if this last lesson will ever release the painful grip on my heart, the heart you gave me filled with love. 

I escort you to the sunset of your life on this special of all Sundays and you free a strong, inquisitive daughter filled with joy, laughter and, of course, love into the world. 

Happy Father's Day


Now, do be a dear and go see what my very creative and talented author friends have woven for you on the photo of their own selection.  And have a wonderful week preceeding Father's Day.  You can visit them in this link, Tantalizing Tuesday,  or just do them one at a time below.............

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breathless Press, June 10, 2012, ~ Sunday Fun ~ Silent Dancer, Part II

Silent Dancer, Part II

Through plumes of smoke, he watched as she danced. Doffing the cigarette, he rolled to his chest and the foot of the bed, resting his chin on his forearms. Their eyes locked in a symbiotic connection between his growing cock and the soft velvet folds moving with liquid symphony between her legs. His pulse beat quickly in his temple as he watched her move to the music.

Her arms were like gossamer wings open at once then closed around the life-force of her full round breasts. She tempted him with the ruby, red opening of her mouth which he knew to be warm, deeply commanding and …….. eager to please. As her hips swayed rhythmically, suggestively, she drank champagne and let the nectar run from her lips through her breasts and between her legs. She melted to the floor and poured it across her flesh, catching chilled golden rivers in her bellybutton.


The fluid movement of her body mesmerized his mind, but his body responded…..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, June 8, 2012 ~ The Echo of Ordinary Days

TGIFFF !!!  Again, we pursue (hopefully) the impurities of the weekend by jumping off of the cliff we call Flash Fiction Friday.  This is a special day for me because I have decided, based on what I have written here, to expand on this first mere 100 words, based on this simple single photograph, and  enter my friend Ray Sostra's writing competition in his on line magazine, AfterDark Online.  You can follow his antics on Facebook, too,  just by clicking "Like" at AfterDark Online.

Anyway, I was thinking about pivotal moments in our lives, the roads taken and not taken.  Where do they lead us....more importantly, why: into danger, temptation, transformation or an epiphany?  Is it destiny or fate;  do we allow our passions, for whatever they are, to prescribe the ending, our ending?  However the close, the beginning has to start somewhere.  For me, it is here, in The Echo of Ordinary Days

When you are through reading this brief sojourn into my imagination and WIP, please visit the purient pages of my partners this Flash Fiction Friday or bathe in their impressions of this simple photo one at a time listed below.  But, please, please do me first........

The Echo of Ordinary Days

Unlike the enigmatic Spring burst of life, Summer rolled languidly into the echo of ordinary days.   We spent those days in love, in the celebration of life and the exploration of every subtlety and nuance of our bodies.

I can see your face, even in darkness.  Tracing each dip and curve in my memory, the cooling ice held teasingly in my fingertips against your heat disappeared with each kiss. Your heartbeat, in complete harmony with your breath, met my eager lips with anticipation. 

Drinking in your passion, the summer heat slowed our love, but not the inevitable.


S. J. Maylee: http://SJMaylee.com
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, June 5, 2012 ~ The Destiny of Innocence

'Tis Tantalyzing Tuesday once again.  This is a departure for me, so I hope it is a welcomed change.  Today I have selected a photo that touched me immediately, as an inspirational source of all life.  Let me know what you think, after emersing yourself in my imagination, by leaving a comment. 

Then, have a visit to my oh, so creative talented Teasers pages listed below or by clicking on the link provided.  You will find the journey into their creative juices slippery, saucy and sensuous.  In other words, well worth the effortless departure.........but first, taste my teaser. Embrace Destiny and Taste of Life...

The Destiny of Innocence

She is Destiny, her name: Innocence.  The future of all life charged through her body: electrifying souls, bearing purpose, divining futures.
Yes, her name is Innocence.  Her life is Destiny.  Her passion is Love.  She is the Mother of Life, igniting the Trinity of Fate in her body, from the heart of her soul:
And so she was bred from flesh, cultivated from seed, breathed from purity, kissed by passion......blame no frailty; forgive all faults.  She is the Beauty of Life in all souls; she is celebrated in love, hope and passion.
The destiny of life is lonely.
The passion of life is painful.
The hope of life is love.
The future of life is unity in all our children.
And so, to change the destiny of time, Innocence must prevail.  To be of one, Innocence must breathe.  To be free, Innocence must live within us and evil a shadow without us. Innocence must inhabit our life.  Innocence must thrive for the Destiny of all.  She is our Mother, our Peace and our Salvation.
Touch me, love me, be one with me. 
Feel me and live.
Kiss me and breathe.
Ignite me and thrive.
Be one with my Destiny and set fire to Love.

My name is Innocence.


Now, be the dear friend you are to me and go have a decadent indulgence in the pages of my co-horts minds.  Either here, Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, or listed one-by-one below.  They tend to tempt, tantalyze and tease expertly, too.  Go on, now, go...go on:) xo

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breathless Press, June 3, 2012 ~ The Rite of Passionata

On this lazy Sunday, while catching up on what all my friends have been doing on Facebook, I stumbled across a post by a great friend of mine, Dianne Hartsock.  She posed the challenge, "You Write It! Who is this woman behind the mask? Is she wearing it for pleasure or is it the face she shows the world?"  
She’s hiding her true self. Who is she?
Is she going to a party
or is this a mask she wears to keep others distant?

So, I decided to answer that challenge and answer the question, from my perspective, about this quiet beauty, who she is, why she is wearing the mask, what does she become.
The Rite of Passionata

Announcing commencement, the tantric music floated through the air and embraced all who attended the Ceremonial Rite of Passionata. Each invitee had been prepared in private, in separate quarters, upon their arrival by their attendant. They were provided with hot baths, aromatic oils and fragrant body lotions as part of the body sacrament. Each room had a private entrance and separate exit into the Room of Chambers, where the ritual acceptance and reception would be conducted.
The signal tolled. The naked men, having donned their viril animal masks, opened the doors into the chamber and entered.

The Crested Splendor was the centerpiece of the pyre. The illuminata rose to a low contrast of light and dark flickering shadows. As she appeared to glow, she released a sigh of ritual mantras. Surrounded by candles and opulent gold bowls filled with fragrant sacred oils and blood, the prayers road sweet-scented waves of ethereal music in the seduction of the men. She lay naked except for the headdress she wore covering most of her face.

The magnificent woman, a chattel offering, was tied by wrist and ankle to the column while the men prepared her sumptuous body. The twelve men used claws, hooves and talons to wash and annoint her  in the sacred oils. The ritual, the incense, the music and the different sensations of the animal tools dipped in consecrated blood and holy oils charged her body with overwhelming energy. Her prayers and mantra grew louder with her stimulation.

From her revered womanhood, a vortex of honeyed welcome dripped in pre-cum. She begged for release as the men chanted, touching her everywhere, igniting every pore. They cleansed her, chanted prayers over her and prepared her for the holy sacrament. Her perfection, purity and flawless beauty were sacrosanct in the ritual. Each man, one by one, ascended the stage and deposited their seed.

And so, the ceremony continued until each man had entered the woman, filled her with semen and she cleansed them with her mouth. She was now their wife, bearing the future of the coven inside her, the Lord God. As proof of their love, devotion to her and fidelity to the lofty group, she was now elevated to Lord Mistress.


Well.............what did you think?   A little off the beaten path for me, I know it.  But, it seemed the logical answer to Dianne's question for whatever reason it struck me today.  Leave me a comment below and let me know. I am on shaky ground here so welcome the feedback.  I guess idle hands, minds and hearts ARE the Devil's workshop, because he was surely at work on this one:) xo

See the original challenge and short posted on Breathless Press Blog chttp://www.breathlessblog.com/?p=958 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, June 1, 2012 ~ Saving Henry

We few Pupils of Prurient Pedagogy have teamed up for a friendly challenge each week. The objective is for each of us to write our impression, in a 100-word piece, of a single photo.  Joining me today are some of the most talented and artistic, otherwise fantastic, authors who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday. 

Saunder over to the aforementioned link to read each of the writers clips, or do them one at a time listed below..........but only after you have languished and done me first.  So, now I give you "Saving Henry", a simple short about finding, realizing and perhaps, losing love.....

Saving Henry

Henry approached the platform, but slipped ever so slightly, on his upward bounce. Throwing his timing off, an otherwise practiced, always perfectly executed move caused his head to hit the platform upon decent.  
The horrified gasp from the audience was so heavy of voice; Stan thought it might catch Henry, suspending him in safety.  But, it did not; Henry drifted to the water with the clumsy, slow-motion grace of a ragdoll.
Stan dove into the crisp, cool waters of the pool, his eyes never leaving his falling friend. 
It was only then, his tears buried in Henry's beating heart, he realized he could not live life without him. 


Have a peek up the proverbial purient pedagogical pages of my partners below and see where this photo took them....and where it will take you, today:

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