Friday, August 30, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, August 30, 2013 ~ Renewal

Today is Flash Fiction Friday.  I have been away and so busy.  I am ashamed that I have not been able to muster more time and self-discipline to indulge myself, and you, in some of my creative juices.  So because of that, I am writing today, when I have a few minutes to indulge myself.  You will come later.

The purpose of this exercise is to write 100 words, no more, no less about a subject photo selected by one of our team.  We all have the same photo, so it is a must that you run round and read how the photo inspired the other author participants.  Their links are listed on our group page, Flash Fiction Friday, or you can click on them one-by-one below.  For me, this photograph inspired that which we all face: the act of daily renewal, the purpose of forging ahead on whatever plane motivates us to do so. 

This one touched me because I have had a tough few months. Everyday has been about starting over and trying to muster the fortitude , the energy, the desire to look the day square in the face and say, "Hell, yes! I can do it!" when I didn't feel like getting out of bed.  Every day, we can do it............enjoy.
It isn’t enough to have failed.

It isn’t
          enough to
                   have tried.
It isn’t enough to weather disappointment.
As another day melts away with the sun into the dark, shrouded embrace of the night, swirls of trash and leaves dance with the wind to celebrate that the trees remain...
I am weary.
My skin to my heart feels
the weight
of my collapse.  
Brandy looks to me with her eager, loving brown eyes; she is sated by just another day in my presence as she curls to warm my feet.
This door will rise tomorrow, awakening me.
It is enough
                to try
So, dear friends, sashay over to my friend's posts and see what they have prepared for you to stick your fingers in and lick.  But not before you leave me a comment. I can't wait.......
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday, August 27, 2013 ~ The Kiss

I have been away, I know, for longer than I would like or care to admit.  I really have not been myself.  I don't know who I have been, but I think they are gone now and have released me back into my own captivity. Hopefully, I will survive and thrive again...

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday which means to you that the participating purient authors select a photograph that inspires them in some way to write a 200 word, no more and no less, short story. It is a friendly competition meant to help hone our writing skills.  Please have a quick read of mine below, then meander, savoring the delight, over to all the others and read/comment on theirs.  They can be found listed on our author page, Tantalizing Tuesday, or listed below.  So without further adieu, permit me to offer you my piece today I have called The Kiss...............
The Kiss
As the quiet whisper carried his words to me, "I wish I could show you how I feel,” my hair fell away from my face baring naked the object of his yearning.  I felt my fevered cheek blush at having heard his soulful desire.
The flutter of thousands of wings exploded in my heart and my breath seized.  My palms grew nervous in anticipation.  Even with my eyes now cast to the floor, my body belied my own paralyzed passions. 
My breast tightened around a stifled scream, allowing but a whimpered "............please" escape to fill the room with my heat.  I reached out with an eagerness I had never known yet knew instinctively.  My arms opened without my willing, reached for him and I wrapped him in my impatience.  He pressed against me.  His body, his scent, the slight glistening of his perspiration on my cheek, weakened my resolve and my knees buckled under the heady weight of my desire.  I sighed into his neck as he caught my falling body.  In the trail of his scorching touch, my skin came alive with hunger.
Life without him would be torture, and yet
To have his kiss would be the death of me........

Do be a dear and leave me a comment then swoosh over and indulge yourself in the talents of my purient partners...they are all so delicious!
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