Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, January 31, 2013 ~ La Luna Passionata

Today is the last Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser of the year 2013. We have a plethora of prurient partners who have toiled in preparation of their finest passionate missives for your year-end pleasure. You can read each of their wonderful 200 word stories (no more no less), based upon a photo of their own selection that tickles their muse, by following the link above.  I also have them listed like gourmet appetizers for your New Year's Eve party upon which to nibble..............yummy.

Now, There are 5 "Super Moons" or "Perigee Moons" in the year of 2014, two of which are in January. The term "Super Moon" doesn't come from astronomy nor is it the same as a Full Moon (there are full moons each month). It’s comes from astrology but refers to the moon being at it's closest point in relation to the earth on those few days each year. Now there isn't much notable about that but what is highly unique and unusual is for the first Super Moon to be on the first day of the first month of the New Year. There is something magical about that, don't you think??

So, in honor of  the Super Moon, the Perigee Moon, I have written a piece I titled, "La Luna Passionata". If you enjoy my missive would you please leave me a comment?  You know how much I adore the attention...

La Luna Passionata
La Luna Passionata nestled on the lips of the water’s edge like a soft kiss casting a reflection of blue and white gold.  

She ascended the steps of the infinity pool as if floating from the bay waters and settled along the pool edge with the grace of a feather.  Her skin, like liquid lava and covered in tiny droplets, reflected the moon’s embrace in thousands of glimmering sequins.

Her back, arched between her shoulders to her hips, seemed to be reaching for more of the Moon's attention as she sighed. I smelled her perfume, at once released into the night air, as the aroma rode the silver gossamer wings to where I sat.

My eyes feasted in her shadows.  Her silhouette was a banquet of flowing curves: nipples hard and stretched into the moonlight crowned her breasts, alabaster round and full. 

The slope of her taunt stomach to the silken slit where her thighs met was fluid, a single stroke from God’s hand on this canvas of carnal beauty.

Her splendor was overwhelming.  She turned her head, extended a graceful arm and gazed at me while our eyes touched in a magnetic caress.  

Seduced by her beckoning, I rose, and joined the Perigee Moon to feast upon her pleasures.

Participating Authors

Happy New Year
with love,

Friday, December 20, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, December 20, 2013 ~ In Dream Situ

It is Flash Fiction Friday from the marvelous writers at Will Blog for Sex on Facebook. It is a challenge of a common photo and only 100 words to write the story the photo inspires for the writers. You can find the participating authors at the link above or listed below. If you enjoy my post, please leave me a comment. The comments are rare and much appreciated.

In Dream Situ
She only came to him at night when his mind was released, vulnerable…..passionate. The desire and erotic longing left him a captive of his carnal lust. With breathless anticipation, he waited for her. 

The sun slowly dropped behind the horizon in a blaze of red and gold bursts of purple glory. The moon rose leisurely, seductively, and reflected the magical radiance before the iridescent golden hue dissipated. The mystical rays of platinum gold gathered in a collective aura and framed the appearance of the shimmering beauty.

He never wanted anything until he met her, and then, he wanted nothing more.

Participating Authors

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Christmas Blog Hop, December 17-20, 2013 ~ The Unforgiving Sea

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser's Christmas Blog Hop is in full swing.  Don't miss the prizes galore and gifts offered by the participating  authors. All you have to do is read the short 200 word flash fiction story written by the author and comment on the blog in the area below the post. The stories are based on a photograph of the writer's selection which inspires a teaser.

I lived in San Francisco, years ago, and when I saw a picture of the old Cliff House, it brought back memories of Point Lobos and the ruins of the Sutro Bath House. The old Cliff House burned down in 1906 and was replaced by a beautiful structure that is revered and honors the past.

I hope you enjoy my jaunt into the past and if so, please leave me a comment below. Then please jump to the other author pages via the link above or I have the writers listed one by one like sea shells on the beach. TaTa for now....Enjoy!!

The Unforgiving Sea
It was low season below the old Cliff House; the wind and surf were bitingly cruel off Point Lobos. 

The wind and surf swept his stinging pain and replaced it with a numb darkness devoid of sensation.  His thoughts escaped their quiet shelter and he wanted to drop to his knees in the deadening surf and scream to the world…….

“Why, Deidre, why suicide…..?”

Even as the silent, fugitive thought rose, he knew it was his name he should be screaming into the bitter, grey current of pitiless air.  He had done that which he detested most in others; he had lied.  At his own hands, he had stabbed Deidre in the heart with shards of truth and spikes of lies trying to assuage his guilt. He witnessed Deidre’s total collapse under the truth of his betrayal as she fell into Chuck’s arms.

It was over, over in the roaring surf which stifled his sorrowful screams. Under the weight of his tears of infidelity, Chuck walked into the ancient breakers below the witness Cliff House.

Chuck’s guilt and shame were crushing; he was a coward in the face of Deidre’s strength.  He deserved no less than the cold, heartless sentence the unforgiving sea delivered him.

Christmas Blog Hop Participating Author's

         1Naomi Shaw  5J S Morbius  9Jake Malden  
         2Doris O'Connor  6. Raven McAllan  10. Gemma Parkes  
         3. Muffy Wilson  7Dariel Raye  11. Alexandra Anthony  
         4. Pablo Michaels  8Molly Synthia  12. Leann Mitchell  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Blog Hop 13-16 December 2013 ~ Lookers

It's our Christmas Blog Hop which lasts three (count 'em 3!!!) full days. Our stories are inspired by a common photo and a maximum 100 word story challenge. It is fun, entertaining and you stand to win prizes on every participating author's short if you post a comment on each page.

So....all you have to do is post a comment on each author's submission and you are entered automatically! The link to the participating writer pages is above or I have listed them one-by-one like ornaments on my Christmas Tree below.

This photo inspired a short story between a brother and sister who is trying to earn a little extra Christmas bootie for presents.......but, how?  The question is answered, to her brother's dismay, to the tune of a 1062 classic by David Rose, "Night Train".

Don't forget o leave a comment with each author to possibly win a prize!!!
They were headed back to the squad, tired and thirsty, after the 'Hot' drill.  He couldn't believe his eyes through the glaring neons flashing titties and torsos on the club's logo Martini sign.

It was her car in the parking lot!

He brought the rig to a screeching, swerving halt on the street in front of "Lookers".

He stormed in and came to a dead stop as his eyesight adjusted in the smoky darkness. Sultry music played loudly as he gradually recognized the young beauty spread eagled pole-dancing.

Carrying her out to wolf whistles and fistfuls of money… 

"Babysitting for Christmas cash, huh, Sissy?"

Participating Christmas Blog Hop Authors

Flash Fiction Friday the 13th, December 13, 2013 ~ Rescue Me

Today is Flash Fiction Friday and a dozen writers have collected to entertain and fascinate you with the 100 word (no more, no less - dem's da rules!) short stories based on a common photograph to all. Today's subject photo is a wonderful image of a bruiser fireman saving a damsel in distress, quite obviously.

I am positive you will enjoy reading all the author's creative missives after you have perused mine below. You will be able to access all the authors submissions at the link above or I always list them one by one below for your easy access.

Because today's photo includes a pole-dancing damsel at a sleazy south-side skin joint, today's accompanying music is 'Night Train" by David Rose, a 1962 classic.  
Enjoy, mes amours!!

Rescue Me
He met her pole-dancing at Lookers, a sleazy south-side skin joint.  Night after night, she teased and led him on for money, laughing.  

Finally, he followed her home, planning.

He'd talked to a dozen callers.  He explained it was a fun fantasy his girlfriend wanted for her birthday. She asked to be rescued, kicking and screaming, and then brought to him to be "resuscitated" by both men.

The Craigslist ad read.....

"Rescue Me Fantasy:
Big strong fireman with a hose to match.
Fireman's carry a must. Key above the door.
Call 555-0695 for details." 

The bitch'd never laugh in his face again.... ever.

Participating Authors

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, December 10, 2013 ~ Stolen Souls

As Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers rolls around, I am feeling a bit dark. Haven't we all teetered on the precipice of oblivion?  The edge of a dark abyss, on a cliffhanger in our lives?  I think so and I am not sure we have always made the right decision, but perhaps made a decision born of necessity, convenience or profit.

Ashamed?  No never!  Not always proud of the course my life took, I tried to improve. I tried to learn from my mistakes and change the course of my destiny. For every day is another opportunity to change, to improve, to be the person you choose to be in the life you choose to make for yourself. Every day is another chance at a do-over: God's clean slate. 

I was lucky. Some are not.

Howsoever, today is a day to indulge yourself in the magical musing missives of my cohorts. Please leave me a comment and then visit the participating authors in today's challenge: pick a photo that inspires a 200 word (no more, no less) short story. Enjoy!

Stolen Souls
In the darkest of nights, with a heavy heart to match, she wondered how she had ever fallen so far from grace. There were no stars dancing across the onyx sky playfully; the alabaster moon was ashamed to light her way and hid behind the bashful marshmallow clouds. 

The only signs of God were the tears He had shed and left to dry upon glossy beaten pavement amongst the cigarette butts, dog shit and candy wrappers.

On the corner, she stood across from the hot dog stand, wiggled her full hips playing the part to adoring eyes, and straightened her zippered leather mini. As instructed, she took the stairs into the bowels of the basement; she gathered her steely reserves, took a deep breath and told herself it wasn't anything she hadn't done for free in the past. 

But, tonight…she felt hopeless.

A victim of her own bad decisions, she couldn't seem to stop the falling cascade into oblivion. She was beautiful, intelligent, charmingly confident but painfully self-doubting. A soft touch, a kind word or unsuspecting gentleness won her loyalty. 

However, money bought her favors.

She tapped upon the soiled door in the shadowed black abyss, sighed, smiled .... and entered. 

Participating Authors

Friday, December 6, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, December 6, 2013 ~ Prairie Orchid

Flash Fiction Friday, with the creative author group at Will Blog For Sex, is back today to entertain with their missives of 100 words or less based upon the photograph below. I think you will enjoy all of our creative interpretations. Mine runs a little long, but where to cut? Not from her and certainly not from our bathing cowboy.  Oh my, oh my.... 

Well, you read it and leave me a comment then catch the Pony Express and ride over to the other wildly creative writers to read their shorts on the link above or lined up like horses on a hitching post below. Saddle up; enjoy the read to the theme from "Upon A Time In The West"
Prairie Orchid
She’d seen him handle the ponies from the big house. Oh God, touch me; whisper in my ear; put your palm on my cheek, please …….
Gathering her determination, she pushed further into the bunkhouse. Perspiration glowed like fiery rhinestones on her body and ignited a burning ache.  Tucking her hem up exposed her long, fluid legs as she stepped into the steamy clouds.  She sat on the edge, knees apart, fingers draped on her satin inner thighs framing her eager blossom. A strap fell off the small of her shoulder exposing the iridescent flesh of her quivering breast.

Her passionate quintessence escaped her body in a soft moan of desire.

“Coffee, for a prairie beauty?”

“No, thanks.……………. I brought you a prairie orchid. ”

Participating Authors

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, December 3, 2013 ~ The Incantation of Penelope

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday where we tickle you with our 200 word teasers written from a picture prompt of our own choosing. I have dipped my creative quill into a bit of Greek Mythology ink. My namesake is Penelope but I flourish and take erotic license under the pen name of Muffy.

I do hope you enjoy this sojourn into a centuries old love affair. If so, do leave me a comment and then please visit the other participating authors. They are wildly creative, select fabulous photographs and love to entertain adoring readers. You will be able to click the link above to see them collected on our group page or you will find them listed below like jewels at your feet.......Enjoy!! 

The Incantation of Penelope
The sun kissed the remains of the day and abandoned the long hours with a final radiant blush. Velveteen darkness descended across the sky and the moon lead the stars as they appeared shyly, one by one. This was the same moon and the same stars reflected in the night sky that you promised to lay at my feet for a lifetime.

I knelt outside and I prayed in the evening chill. I prayed to find my way to you. I summoned the influence of the Goddess over the moon and stars in an incantation of unrequited love.

The heavens collected the power of my love in a field of ignited, mesmeric flurry at my fingertips and I saw your face. I accepted the supremacy of our destiny and our hearts as your outstretched arms reached to hold me in an embrace.

I knew then that I could wait forever for your return. I knew then that the tides of time would turn and bring you back to me. I knew that all the days of my life I would spend in your arms, loving only you in my dreams of passionate consummation as I waited.

Odysseus, my love……” I whispered. 

Participating Authors

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