Monday, April 30, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser ~ April 30, 2012 ~ The Bath

Who among us doesn't enjoy a hot bath after a long and tiring day?  My subject certainly does.....and did, indeed.

She paid no attention to the time as she enjoyed the healing affect of the bath.  Her full breasts floated in the warm water, soothed.  She enjoyed the aromatic elevation of her spirit and she relaxed completely.  Her back felt massaged; the muscles in her legs unraveled slowly and peacefully.  The water stroked her lovingly and surrounded her body in a sensual caress.  She slipped further into the water to get closer to the sensation.  Her now supine legs were utterly relaxed; she eased her knees.  She imagined a lover touching her all over as she dozed, indulging in her every fantasy embrace.  Her spirit seemed to rise above her watching her respond to each loving stroke.  She thought she could almost see hands beneath the water as the surface rippled from movement.

The truth is that she had just discovered the shadows created by light and dark.  Furthermore, she discovered she liked it there, too, and became a prisoner of the shadow’s seduction.

The Bath

She imagined her hands gently rubbing herself between her legs, gliding up her taunt stomach to her breasts, full and round, slippery from the oils in her bathwater.  She was lost in a dream, suspended on clouds of corporeal relief. She felt her response coming in mounting waves. She felt hot and open to the water’s touch. She pressed her knees wide apart; her velvet folds were completely exposed and open to the caressing water.  As she released herself into her orgasm, she moved and raised her buttocks, pushing her womanhood into the hand between her legs.  She shuttered and quivered as the red-white explosions came alternately, over-whelming her.

As she relaxed and calmed herself, she found her hands were gripping the sides of the tub nowhere near the soft excited mound where her legs met. She looked at her hands, perplexed; she dropped them to her sides, then turned her head and closed her eyes again. She swam in the warm sensations of her orgasm for a while longer, coasting on an ethereal haze. Finished, she stepped from the tub and wrapped herself in the comfort of a plush terry cloth towel. She poured herself some more wine as she watched the water drain from the immense tub.  In the flickering candlelight and shadows of the bathroom, she thought she saw an image in the swirling, warm water but tossed off the thought as nonsensical.

The light and dark created the sensual, breathing shadows...
...she knew she was not alone.


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, April 20, 2012 ~ Focus

Ah, today we have quite a mixed bag of responses to the photo below for your reading pleasure.  Uninspired all week by this picture, I must admit that I was creatively pushed into this Flash by my co-authors.  What a talented lot they are.  My purient partners in prose led me to the following Flash of 100 words, no more ~ no less, based on this week's photo selection.  Please follow this link  Flasher Fiction Friday  and read their ever inspiring take on the photo itself...............


A continent away, I raised the kerchief to my face.  Agonized, they leaned forward, eagerly. Their breathing, the smell of their pain and sound of their hopeful heartbeats was distracting.
My intuitive response transcended their anguished obsession.
He was playing with the dog.  He was trying to blindfold the pup to play hide-n-go-seek. He was laughing in the front yard, his Mother turned from the window to answer her husband.
I felt the soft touch of a sigh.
A screech, clap, yelp and sliding van door.  Shrouded ...…. UBW 376 ……. in a whir of dark blue steel.

Both gone in a cry......

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flash Fiction~Tantalyzing Tuesday, April 20/24, 2012 ~ Heart of Scars

Flash Fiction Friday/Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, April 20/24, 2012 ~ Heart of Scars
Joining me last week, actually, are some of the most talented, fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday.  They completed there submissions on time and according to the rules.  I, on the other hand, am late, breaking all the rules and am submitting my piece with eyes down and face humble in the hopes that they will take a few moments to read what I have finally been able to do.  To view the other members of Flash Fiction Friday, who also, for the most part, have Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers too,  click this blog link Flasher Fiction Friday

Heart of Scars
In “love” years, Ian and Billy had been together forever, or at least as long as they could remember.  Ian, generally an unfaithful object of anyone’s affection, had been just that.  But, not since he had met Billy.  There was a bittersweet purity about Billy that made Ian want to protect him, even from himself.  Billy was a sappy sentimentalist; he never forgot a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, even making up “Days to Remember” milestone calendars for Ian.  Ian didn’t deserve such loving loyalty, not for all that he had done in his past, but, Billy made him whole, made him new………made him clean with his love.

They hadn’t been to Bareback Beach since they had met.  No need, because they had found their love that night. But, tonight was heartbreakingly special in ways Billy would come to understand; memorable in ways Ian could not protect Billy.  It broke Ian’s heart to watch Billy running, laughing, kicking at the ebb and flow of the surf with his carefree heart: too soon a heart of scars at Ian’s hand.  So it was here their love began and here it would end.

Ian was HIV Positive. Billy’s love couldn’t save him…………….

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday ~ April 13, 2012 ~ Defenseless

Hello, and have a glorious Friday the 13.  In honor of all things shifting superstitious, I am submitting my whimsical, feline Flash for you today to enjoy.  As you know, it is written in 100 words or less based on a photo selection one of my artistic writer friends selects that we all use as inspiration.  My inspiration today came from the date and the feline nature of thisthis pose.  SO, please enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment because I love to be stroked by feedback.  Visit my collegues submissions for a thrilling joyride into their imaginations, as well.  You can do us from Flasher Fiction Friday .....

She had spent years following him around, at his beck and call, curled on the couch beside him as he stroked her.............waiting, always waiting.  She had one window of opportunity and she had a decision to that would change her life forever.  She needed to answer one question: did he love her enough?

She paced the night; finally, she relented to her passions.

Light of foot, she sprang, gliding and landing like a feather on the foot of the bed.  He stirred, rolled and his arm enfolded her lithe, but curvaceous  naked body. He stroked her tenderly.

She purred, content that he did.

Defenseless to her feline beauty.


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Friday, April 6, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, April 6, 2012 ~ Silent Dancer

Today is another Hot Friday in our Flash Fiction world.  You know the drill, a picture, 100 words or less and a sexy short emerges.  Please read my take on this photograph, the subject of this week's purient playfullness.  And don't forget to have a hop over to my equally as imaginative partners to read their interpretations and inspirations for this photo.  This is a saucy, sizzling  subject. 

Joining me today are fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday.  To view the other members of Flash Fiction Friday click this blog link Flasher Fiction Friday.  Enjoy:) xo

Silent Dancer

Through plumes of smoke, he watched as she danced.  Her arms were like gossamer wings open at once then closed around the life-force of her full breasts.  She tempted him with the ruby, red opening of her mouth which he knew to be warm, eager and hungry.  As hips swayed rhythmically, suggestively, she drank champagne and let the nectar run from her lips through her breasts and between her legs.  She melted to the floor and poured it across her flesh, catching chilled golden rivers in her bellybutton.
The fluid movement of her body mesmerized his mind, but his body responded…..

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