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Thursday Taster, April 17, 2014 ~ Cheerleaders in Heat

I am opening the pages, in Chapter 4, for a wee excerpt into the lives of the Miami Rattler's cheerleaders, sexy slut muffins that they are!! 

Beautiful women, particularly professional cheerleaders, are thought to get all the sex and dates they want. But, not true, my demented little pervs. Beautiful women are the last ones asked to dance, dinner or a date. So, taking things into her own hands, our redheaded Cherie, decides to try online dating and it opens up a world of new and exciting experiences. Here she met her dream date for cocktails at a hip SoMa Bistro one night then agreed to a lite dinner at his apartment the next. They part after a searing night of debauchery and that lite meal of his ex. They talk the next afternoon in an online chat and decide to take it private with online video. This little sex kitten is still hot-to-trot and whining like she is in heat. This is a very campy fun book; with names like Sandy Salacious and Ready Randi could it be anything else? So as I always say...Enjoy!

Cherie, Rattler Cheerleader
“Make yourself come for me, Cherie.”
          She wanted to tell him that she wouldn't, unless he came over to her apartment and fucked her, but he was like Svengali—she was helpless to his commands and she wondered if Greta was watching again. The thought of Greta off-camera watching cured her of any resistance at the command. She licked her forefingers, stared straight into Juan’s black magic eyes, and began to run them around her already hard nipples. She tweaked both nipples between thumb and forefinger, hard, then grabbed a handful of curvaceous breast and pulled both her nipples outward. It hurt slightly but ignited a tether between her nipple and her clit. It felt like an explosive fuse had just been set burning, slowly, to the rising explosion building inside her. 
          “Talk to me, mamita. Tell me how it feels. Sit, show me your beautiful slice of heaven.”
          Cherie moaned. “I’m so hot that I’m full of cum and burning up.” Then Cherie snaked seductively into her desk chair, sat and put her pedicured feet on her desktop. With a swift tug from her heels, she pulled herself closer into view of the camera with her knees wide apart. The vision was a hot one in her own mind’s eye and she dripped her nectar eagerly, preparing for the attention from her fingers. Her fingers whipped at her pussy and the slapping sound made was so enticing, she heard Juan moan as she watched him close his eyes while he wrapped his deft right hand around his bulging shaft. She released her shoulders and her head dropped back on the headrest of the chair. She was nearly there, one or two more strokes and two fingers inside while she thumbed her clitthen her revelry was interrupted by Juan’s voice. 
          “Get your vibrator, Cherie. The one you told me about. The one that is an 8-inch black cock that you can ram up your sizzling cunt for me. But, do not cum until I say so. I want to see you squirm and beg for my command. Now, dip your fingers in your sweet pussy and lick the juices from those artful fingers of yours.”
          Like a well-programmed robot, Cherie’s first two fingers disappeared. Taking the opportunity to wiggle and curve into her G-spot cranking up her heat a notch, she withdrew them then from the secret darkness and slipped both over her red full lips and into her mouth emitting an involuntary hummmmm as she did so. She stood then went to her bureau drawer and took the vibrator out, turning it on immediately. She returned to desk, sat again raising her heels back into position and leaned back. The familiar drone of her Rabbilicious purple friend was at once a comfort and an excitement, knowing the ever skillful results of ‘his’ hungry pursuits. She ran it down her body, watching Juan with every inch, paused just above her trim as much for her as for him, then dropped it over her burning bush, between her widened thighs and rubbed it through her drenched yet flaming crotch.
          Cherie was lost in the pleasures of her own flesh and so she dropped her left hand to the engorged folds of her pussy lips pulling the tender cover back exposing the wet oyster that shielded her pearl. A fragrant fuchsia colored orchid revealed wet, slippery eagerness for release. Her near revelry was interrupted and she snapped back with the sound of Juan’s voice. She raised her head to look at him through the camera. Her eyes focused and she saw him feverishly wanking at his fully engorged staff, the head purple, the veins bulging with his desire and his other hand rolling his tight ballsack like dice through his fingers.
          “Shove it up your cunt, mami. Hard!” Juan insisted, jerking at his cock more insistently.
          She diddid againthen again and came at once—screaming and writhing for nearly two full minutes. She laid her knees as far apart as she could and thrust her huge big black vibrating cock into her cunt to the hilt, burying the huge boy-toy mechanical shaft with her fingertips then her palm. She continued to grind, thrust and rotate into the masterful invention until she came yet again. She rose off the seat of the desk chair, supported only by her neck on the back of the leather chair and her heels on the top of her desk blotter. She felt possessed like never before by the demon passion. She turned the hooked finger of Rabbilicious into her G-Spot, hooked the flesh and then pulled. Spent, she lost all control, released a silent scream, and squirted her last bit of nectar onto the blotter and her laptop. When she finally caught her breath and looked up at the computer screen, Juan’s gigantic cock was still jerking and spewing cum all over the computer screen. He was yelling, “Dios mio! Ay, mamita. Mami, suavecito! Que rico!”
          “Oh my god! I didn’t know you spoke French. I just love it when a man talks French to me.”  

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, April 15, 2014 ~ Adonis Achilles

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers ~ a day of magical mystery from a selected photograph that inspires the author, me, to write 200 short, precise words to describe the story evoked.

I selected my photo today from Michael Xavier, with his blessing. Michael is a wonderful underground American poet whom I admire greatly. His work inspires, as does this photo, the connection, the magical connection between a man and a woman ~ between lovers. How each can be the others inspiration, bridge, pleasure and pain. The earth, the sun, the moon and the stars are mere supporting actors in the dance between lovers. They are the fine connective tissue upon which lovers communicate. Love is our strength .........but it is also our weakness. Enjoy! xo

Adonis Achilles
Her eyesight adjusted to the salty sting of the remains of her excitement. She saw what she thought were two white burning candle tips in the shadows: ‘twas the whites of his eyes in the darkness. He emerged quietly from the velvet darkness and his body took a glistening shape as it shone like a jewel with his perspiration.

The fevered sight of his naked body stole her breath and paralyzed her heart. Wanting to memorize every nuance, she stared at his chiseled good looks. His chest was shimmering: the carved perfection of a Michelangelo statue not of opaque alabaster but black with a slightly amethyst undertone to the blackened skin-tight drape of the sweet shadowed flesh of a hungry man, eager to indulge his insatiable fantasies.

She mistook a wicked twinkle as he approached; a half-smile lay in residence upon the angle of his chin and jaw. Then she realized quite instinctively, that she was deftly in control. At some point, every woman realizes her strength over men and awakens to use her womanly weakness, precisely.

One drop of his iridescent perspiration fell to her rising breast, searing straight to her heart exploding a thousand shimmering radiant stars to adorn their passions.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, April 11, 2014 ~ Passionata

Flash Fiction Friday: 100 words - one inspirational photograph for all participating authors. This is a beautiful photo by Trish Causey. If this doesn't inspire ones muse, I surely don't know what will. Is she dead? Has she surrendered to a lover, a captor or reunited with an ex? You can take this photo anywhere you want.

Read what I was inspired to write then sashay over to read what the other participating authors were moved to write by this picture. They are listed below under the author's link or listed one by one. As always, your comments inspire us to continue. Ours is a solitary life working with our computers to express our own passions. So your comments feed our Muse and are greatly appreciated. Enjoy! xo

Accreditation: Trish Causey
In the darkness, he slipped his fingers under the thin straps of her dress. It fell, without resistance, to the floor in a silken puddle. Frozen, the electricity from his touch suspended her breath in a mesmeric grip. She melted under his fingertips and he caught her as her knees buckled under her passions.
Powerless, she folded against him; his body molded under her, seated, with her legs open, her core exposed across his lap. 
He inhaled her aroma igniting an irreversible explosion, a volcano, within her that fired her every pore with ravenous desire. 
She surrendered to her wings.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Taster, April 10, 2014 ~ The Little Mermaid: An Erotic Adaptation

The Little Mermaid, written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1836, speaks to the coming of age of Princess Ariel, Sea Royalty as she is the youngest daughter to the mighty Sea King. Now, when HCA wrote this wonderful piece, I doubt he thought I would ever come along and write an erotic adaptation. But, I did indeed. It has been accepted by Ravenous Romance for an upcoming Erotic Fairytale Anthology. I am thrilled.

This Thursday Taster picks up where we left off last week, after the wreck of the Prince's ship and his rescue by Princess Ariel, who lays sleeping across his chest, exhausted, when he awakes. The wicked, vengeful Hermione waits, watches and listens to his prayers then plans the revenge against Princess Ariel's father, the Sea King, who has banished her from his Ocean Kingdom. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, then plunge in the prurient pool pf my writing partners and visit their Tasters, now that your appetite has been wet. Follow the link or visit them one-by-beautiful-one listed below. Now, dip your toe into my tidal-pool......Enjoy!! xo

Hermione ~ Queen of the Saltwater Sirens
A Wicked Water Witch and Fallen Court Confident

Sometime much later, when the winds had lost their fury, the seas had claimed its bounty and the sun opened the morning sky with the knife of a warm golden ray, the Prince awoke slowly, embraced by the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He soon realized but not for her, he would have perished with his ship and crew. He memorized her every inch tho her mountains of flaxen hair lain in golden curls across her face and his chest. Quite gently he pushed the amber ribbons from her face to spy the loveliness he had seen the night before. She was adorned in jewels and sea bounty, shells and coral. Her skin the color of pearls and her lips flushed with scarlet roses lead to the unmistakable curve of her breasts, cupped in iridescent shells and tied with a chain of sea roses and flowers. His heart beat rapidly with the hearts of a thousand doves and his pulse flushed with fire through his body as he felt a familiar stir in his loins. Oh, to have this beauty would be an honor of unbelievable proportion.  Beautiful and clearly royal, she was but half of a woman’s body and where the nip of her tiny waist widened to her hips, was covered in the elegant, shimmering scales of a fishtail.  

Oh, to be blessed by such a creature only to be denied his passion was cruel and painful for he loved her quite immediately. He closed his arms around her and began to cry silently, sending up a prayer of thanks for having his life spared but also of recrimination that he should befall to the charms of a woman that could never return his love. Hermione heard his quiet prayers which gave her, much to her liking, a sinister idea. Such a notion could easily be explained as agreeable in nature and helpful while under the guise of not perhaps being well thought-out. Who could hold her responsible for the folly of these two star-crossed lovers thrown together not by her own hand but that of the Gods at will! Who was the Sea King to question the will of the Gods…………and love? 

With that, Hermione went to the young human man who whimpered into the fair-haired curls of his beloved. She rode the dancing turquoise currents, collecting seashells, sea-flowers and colored coral. As she closed the distance, the transformation began: her tail ~ glistening scales falling away like glitter and long…supple…graceful ~ was now two lengths of elegant limbs upon which she stood. Through the ribbons of her hair, painted by the ocean depths with an onyx shimmer, she wove her sea treasures. Her skin, decorated, bronze and silken, glistened with a hunger to be touched. And her natural eagerness increased with human ache, passion, desire.
She crawled upon the crag, bent to touch the human male’s tear-stained cheek and sang soulfully, tenderly about love and longing. The young man looked upon her, impressed by her dark commanding beauty and seduced by her tantric voice. 

She spoke in low tones, subtle and slow, “The little mermaid you hold so close to your heart is a Royal Princess, honored youngest daughter to the Sea King known as Princess Ariel, fifth in the line of heirs to the Royal Wealth of Riches in the Sea Bountiful. I am not sure he would approve of your so intimate a coupling.”
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, April 8, 2014 ~ The Cellist

Ah ha!! It is Tantalyzing Tuesday and I don't know about you but I have missed my weekly challenges and the inspiration of my prurient partners. It's been so long! Remember? The skill involves selecting a photograph of one's own choice and writing a 200 word story, a bit like trying to get 10 pounds into any two pound bag!

Today I have imaged a beautiful cellist, a lifetime away, but only separated by a wall, and a private housebound admirer. Is he crippled by shyness, a broken body, agoraphobia or just inexperienced around women? We won't know for he will never meet the object of his passions and she will continue to come and go in his silence leaving her beauty, fragrance and music hanging in her absence.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below then do, please, go visit the other participating authors to see what they have prepared for you in a mere 200 words or less based upon a photo of their choosing. They are listed below as notes of a concerto, one-by-one on a sheet on music or by the link. A demain, mes amis. Enjoy!! xo

The Cellist
He watched her arrive, every day, for the many years. She moved with the elegant slow motion of wedding-lace in the breeze: softly responding to the wind, impediments and children playing noisily in the street. She carried her violoncello case in her small grip, gracefully dodging any hindrance. He lost sight of her on the threshold when her key awakened the latch in the door with a worn tumble. He could only imagine her stature as her measured footsteps on the carpeted stairs announced her arrival beyond his door. 
She was so beautiful. 
She was graceful and refined, self-assured in her demeanor and wore her striking splendor with bearing. In the room above him, he heard her entrance as her melodic cadence carried her through the apartment to the front window for her lesson.
He settled just below her in his own bay-window to listen and dream of her before him, stroking her cello, creating music; it was for him alone she played. She leaned into her music, her golden hair falling across her breast, as he felt every caress, every change in tempo, every vibrato her bow seduced from the instrument. 
So compelling was her image, he silently wept......again today. 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thursday Taster, April 3, 2014 ~ The Little Mermaid: An Erotic Adaptation

Hello, my friends. It has been awhile since I have been able to participate. Today I hope to entertain you (long-winded tho I am, my apologies) with a piece that has been accepted for a Fairytale Anthology at Ravenous Romance. It topped out at about 7700 words, so this is a wee Taster of the set up. As you know, The Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1836. It speaks of a coming of age Princess Ariel who lived....

"Once upon a time, far across the land and as long across sea as the eye could behold, where the deep turquoise waters met the sky of blue, the water was so deep, so very, very deep. As certain as butterflies kissed fragrant petals and birds flitted from branch to branch amongst the trees in the clouds above, there were creatures that made their homes in the cool secret shadowed hollows where ocean plants stretched towards the light and danced pliantly with a shift in current or the brush of a passing fish, both large and small.
In the deepest concave of the clear azure waters was a beautiful castle, fit for the Royal Family. The castle was big and expansive with walls of coral and spires of conch shells. The roof was made of elegant oyster shells that opened and closed with the ocean currents baring the glittering jeweled pearls snuggled inside, fit for the crown of a Queen. The arched Gothic windows were made of colored sea glass gathered before the royal wedding. The light flickered off of, and through, the beautiful colored glass to dance patterns across the castle floor of shells and abalone shards."

As beautiful as her world was, Princess Ariel longed for the world above the sea. "The little princess watched year after year as her sisters all reached their eighteenth year and rose to the ocean’s surface to see what treasures lived and were held above the palace below. Each year came and went and the five older sisters one-by-one returned from their journeys to the surface with wonderful stories of lights and towns, music and song, bells and fog horns, flocks of white swans that flew across the sky together like a white trail of wedding lace. Five long years she waited to reach her eighteenth year; finally, it arrived. Her grand-mother declared the day and said she would prepare her for her journey to the surface as she had her sisters who came before."

Today was her eighteenth birthday, her day to rise to the surface of the depths. She would see a handsome Prince celebrating his twentieth birthday, fall in love and save him in the wicked throes of a violent storm that distroys his ship and all who sail her.

If you enjoy my Taster, and do so hope you do, please leave me a comment below before you wander to my Talented Taster  friends pages to read their excerpts. You may find them at the link or listed one-by-one like beautiful pearls mounted on feather lite petals from sea roses. Enjoy your dip! xo

The Little Mermaid
An Erotic Adaptation
Muffy Wilson

The ship yawned and groaned; planks moaned while someone called out for "God". Alarmed, the young princess grew scared for all aboard the ship as she stayed alert to avoid being hurt herself. At once, the rising fierce sea raised a foam curled wave over the ship, breaking the center mast, sending all who sailed her into the sea and she lost sight of her prince. The violent seas were perilous to the princess herself, so as she looked for him, she had to mind the furling waves tossing debris, trunks, ropes, planks and bodies in the curling masses to her front. When the center mast broke like a twig, the furious wind brought it down on the middle deck breaking the ship in two up-ended halves, pitching everything into the gapping darkness of sea. 

Frantically, the little princess searched the shifting wreckage for her prince, with care to her own well-being and safety. When she finally spied him, his beautiful black eyes were closed; his arms and legs, now weaken by the fight for survival, could not bear his weight and he drifted slowly to the depths below. She thought happily for a moment that her future was insured now and they could live forever in the watery palace below. In her dreamy pursuit to join the prince, she suddenly remembered the many stories she begged of her Grand-Mama: humans could not live in their world beneath the air they needed to thrive. A human, the Prince, would die if brought to the watery palace, no matter the love that may join them. Without a thought to her safety amongst the wreckage, she swam with might, dodging the remains of the great ship, to the drowning prince and breathed the air in her lungs into his with a kiss. She then held his head as they stretched to break the surface and to find safety amid the crags and reefs. 

She prayed, begged tearfully to the Lord God Nautilus to return the Prince to her as she breathed her life into him. But, it was not the Lord God Nautilus who witnessed her prayer but Hermione, Queen of the Saltwater Sirens, a water witch and fallen court confident to the Queen Wife of the Sea King, with magical powers she often used for good and evil at her whim. Hermione stayed back in the dark recesses of the night, rode the folds of the waves and watched as the little mermaid tended the human. Not yet decided to help the little mermaid or take this young human male for herself, she observed in quiet solitude as the mermaid tried to save the young man. 

Soon overcome with exhaustion, the little mermaid fell into a deep sleep on the smooth, bare chest of her love. Hermione watched as they drifted into a deep slumber. Hermione swam closer quite silently to examine the two and realized the little mermaid was Princess Ariel, youngest daughter to the Sea King, a powerful majesty and formidable adversary. She did not recognize the young human male, but what adorned his person still were gold rings and necklaces with emeralds and rubies that glistened with wealth and power. She dare not run afoul of these two royal charters, if she valued her own fortunes. She would need to think on this and so she departed while they slept.

And so, I leave you as Hermione plots to separate the soon to be young lovers to exact her revenge upon her rival the Sea King, Princess Ariel's royal father and Monarch of the Sea. Hermione is hoping to plunge the lovers both to their most certain deaths.


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