Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, October 29, 2013 ~ David

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers and a fabulous group of authors join to write a 200 word inspiration piece based on a photograph of their own choice.  I stepped into the past as my niece's recent death has caused me to wax nostalgic. 

My first real love as a budding 16 year old was killed in an automobile accident when I was 21 and he 24 when I was in Kansas City. My Mother didn't tell me until I returned home and he had been buried for 6 months. Anyway, I thought I would post this small remembrance I had written in 'Notes' on my Facebook page.

Stop by the TTT link above or visit the pages of my co-authors and read their inspired pieces and first, foremost, enjoy!!  (And yes, that is me when I was about 18 or so....shhhhhhhhhh!)
David and Penny
The years that have passed have done nothing to soothe the fractured heart of a young woman, eager to fall into the arms of a lost love. Yes, time does do something, but heal it does not.  Every once in awhile, like today, something casual and innocent forces the fissures of years past to reopen, lancing a dormant wound.  And the passion, the desire, the loss and painful end releases into the pure, clean, comforting air of quiet acceptance.  It never leaves you; it never frees you. Bound to the past by love, and pain, it never goes away. Why should it?

"At David's Grave"
for B. and H.F.

Yes, he is here in this

open field, in sunlight,among

the few young trees set out

to modify the bare facts--

he's here, but only

because we are here.

When we go, he goes with us

to be your hands that never

do violence, your eyes

that wonder, your lives

that daily praise life

by living it, by laughter.

He is never alone here,

never cold in the field of graves.


While we were visiting David’s grave

I saw at a little distance

a woman hurrying towards another grave

hands outstretched, stumbling

in her haste; who then

fell at the stone she made for

and lay sprawled upon it, sobbing,

sobbing and crying out to it.

She was neatly dressed in a pale coat

and seemed neither old nor young.

I couldn’t see her face, and my friends

seemed not to know she was there.

Not to distress them, I said nothing.

But she was not an apparition.

And when we walked

back to the car in silence

I stood stealthily back and saw she rose

and quieted herself and began slowly

to back away from the grave.

Unlike David, who lives

in our lives, it seemed

whoever she mourned dwelt

there, in the field, under stone.

It seemed the woman

believed whom she loved heard her,

heard her wailing, observed

the nakedness of her anguish,

and would not speak.

Denise Levertov

~“Denise Levertov Poems 1968 - 1972”

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday, October 15, 2013 ~ Nicole Marie Lyle Tranilla

It is Tantalizing Tuesday. Please follow the link to the list of awesome authors participating in today's challenge  or I have them listed below. A photo and 200 words. My tribute is a little closer to 250 words.

My beautiful 39 year old niece died Friday night. She came home from work, said she didn’t feel well and was going to lay down for awhile. She never got up. It was her 16 year old daughter's first Homecoming. She appeared the picture of health and never complained about having anything wrong. I had 3 nephews and only one niece, Nikki. In 2010, my youngest nephew died at 28. There are only two left now. The tragedy of it all is painful. She was such a good girl, wonderful mother and a beautiful person. It's a sad day. Please honor my family and Nikki by reading the tribute I wrote for Nicole on Saturday, when the news was raw and painful.

The Road of Destiny
The road, once bathed in the illumination of Life by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, is now dimly lit by the faint and flickering past. An Earthbound angel has claimed her wings and been set free to return home.

This path was not chosen.  This road to the darkened nowhere takes us from the heart-warmed embrace of life and our loved ones against our will; perhaps this passageway is unexpected, startling and heart wrenching but it is not unknowing.  This road awaits us all, but for some, the path at once sweet is bitter and too eager to rise before us with the gnawing, gaping, inevitable abyss.

Some turn back to cheat this darkened destiny, but older others fly willingly into the black grasp. Love your life, for the hope, challenge and rewards She bears is the fruit of your breath.

Not so, my beautiful niece who was stolen by the Eternal grasp, donned her wings and flew into the warm comfort of God’s loving embrace.

Fly away, Nikki. Take with you the knowledge that you are loved. For how can we be sad? We cannot deny the beauty of a white hot meteor we have been privileged to have blaze across our Universe. We bear witness to the natural majesty even as it burns out far too quickly before us. We were blessed to have her, even for a moment.

Be free……………….

Nicole Marie Lyle Tranilla  
February 22,1974 ~ October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, October 11, 2013 ~ The Bitter End

I am feeling a little naughty, a little frisky today, this Flash Fiction Friday. So, I have written a short 100 word flash based upon the photograph below, common to all the participating authors. Please read, comment and clear the tables, one-by-one, by reading all the submissions in today's challenge.

You will find that the link above or the list below will lead you to the blogs of all the other talented author participants. I hope you enjoy my flirtation with Lady Fate. Destiny is a wicked equalizer but does in the end, the Bitter End, deliver a purified soul. Enjoy.......consider, perhaps, a change to your wicked ways and your own destiny.

The Bitter End
She walked into the Bitter End with her cue case, thigh high boots and attitude. The tables were cracking and as expected, he was there. Tonight, it would be him.
She seduced, lured and kissed him deeply in the misty shadows. He followed her home. She was wet with anticipation. He stripped his drenched shirt then yanked her tube top down, her mini up and lifted her by his fingers plunged into her creamy core. She gasped; he inhaled her sex and they rolled along the wall into her apartment.

She wondered how long before tempting Lady Fate resulted in her own Bitter End.

So, please visit my prurient partners in erotic pedagogy and have a dip into their creative minds to see how they were inspired by this magical photograph. Please leave them a comment, too, as we do this not only for your pleasure and entertainment, but also as an exercise to improve our crafty wiles:) xo 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 8, 2013 ~ The Emerald Pool

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers are here once again to tempt your passions. We each select a photo and write a short 200 word story. They are all different and you are sure to find something that tickles your pleasure fancy. Just follow the link above to see all the participating authors then you can jump one-at-a-time to their blogs to read their sexy stories. Or, I will list them below my short heart-breaker then you can navigate to their blogs from here. Do leave a comment, too, but first...

We "discovered" an emerald, deep-water mountain pool in the Sierras on a drive to Lake Tahoe.  It was as freezing as you would expect and invariably, we always stayed too long in the spring snow runoff.  We were numb and so red our skin was almost blue; but we loved it. We were invigorated by secrecy of the emerald pool: the color a reflection of the redwoods against the intensely blue sky.  There had been many accidents and deaths to divers from the rock sheers that climbed above the emerald surface of the deep water jewel. This story is about one of them.....

The Emerald Pool
They sat in the car as they had so many times before, holding hands, nestling warm cheeks into pulsating napes. The sound of passion coursing through each heart could be heard over the thunderous falls. One youthful day, their lives changed forever, replaced by pain and heartbreak so real, so paralyzingly real.

He carried her to the water's edge as the fall's spray landed softly on her smile. It was here she almost lost her life and only here that she still felt alive.  The chilly spring fed pool suspended her painful, twisted body. The numbing, cold water was stark contrast to the hot, steamy penetration of his hard shaft. This was the only way she could feel his love.

She whimpered and abandoned her pain to his passion. He cupped the sunshine that was her drape to his face. Breathing in the aroma of memories, he stifled a silent scream as he whispered her name.

"Now," she sighed, touching her lover’s face tenderly. "Now................please" 

Breathless, he released her, crying; searing tears fell upon his misted face.  She drifted into the swirl of the emerald pool then disappeared into the waiting dark embrace of relief where she would forever be free.


Now, do be a jewel, yourself, and swim over to the other writers and read their crafty creations. As I said, you can jump over to our authors page above on the link or you will find them listed like jewels themselves below. But, do go...go on now and leave them a comment too:) xo

Friday, October 4, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, October 4, 2013 ~ Impatient Passion

Flash Fiction Friday is unfolding as we speak. As you may or may not know, a group of clever crafty writers get together to write a 100 word, no more no less, story about a photo common to us all that has been selected by our group's admin.

The photograph below reminded me of my years in Paris and the joys of the Left Bank. Ah, romance in the City of Love is irresistible, mais non? There are only a few of us wordsmiths today, so please take a moment to read and comment on my short flash then navigate the romantic waters to the others via the link above or you will find them listed below like fresh baked boulangerie baguettes.

Impatient Passion
We sat along the Left Bank and watched the day ease red into the waiting embrace of the night. The sunset warmed, relaxed, comforted; the wine released anxious inhibitions as the sun bedded for the day. 

Tight knots of anticipation unraveled slowly as our tongues eagerly locked in a breathless dance of expectation.

His fingers traced a burning path up my thigh to the searing wet, velvet folds where my legs joined. My heart pounded, aflame with desire. Sliding his fingers under my thong, his fingertips released currents of impatient passion inside me.

He whispered into a kiss, “Come into me…”


I hope you enjoyed my little sojourn down the Parisienne cobblestones of memory lane.  If so, please leave me a comment then saunter over to read what my co-writers have written about this same photo. I can guarantee they will none of them be alike and will be passionate passages you are sure to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 1, 2013 ~ Heart Foils

As Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers rolls around, a plethora of prurient scribes each selected a photo that moved them and wrote a mere 200 words describing their impressions. I was a wee pensive today because my husband had surgery this morning. Any kind of health issue, no matter how small, makes one think reflectively about the past, the present and the future. I did so today while Vince was in having his procedure.

I thought about our first date, oh so many years ago and I thought I would share it with you.  If you enjoy my short, 200 word description of our first embrace, please leave me a comment. Be sure to visit all the other contributing authors and read their flashes then leave a comment. We are all starved for attention and thrive on your entertainment.

Heart Foils
His warmth, his scent assaulted me in a single gasp of air.

I don't know much about love. I only know it is about being so white hot you freeze; It's about losing your breath and control over your limbs, then falling, abandoning all hope of survival alone.  

I felt myself flush and my knees weaken. A blanket of goose flesh fell electrically across my body in graduating, throbbing waves of passion from temperate to scorching.  My heart, my pulse stopped in a single moment as I froze under his spell. I wanted to touch him, to complete the magnetic connection ignited in our glance: embracing flesh against flesh. His breath coiled around my shoulders to my waist and pulled my body irrevocably to him.

I fell into him. I had given up control of my body to the foils of his hot currents. I rode my passions into the heat of his heart and the arms of his affections. 

I tumbled into his love as sure as if I had fallen off of a cliff. He collected me on my decent when my knees buckled and my body folded without resistance into the warm waiting embrace of my new lover.


So, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed it and if so, please leave me a comment here on the blog. Now, listed below are the contributing authors this week. You can fall back and forth from the list below, or you can use the link above to navigate to their teasers. Thank you for stopping by......

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