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Flash Fiction Friday ~ March 29, 2012 ~ Restrained Abandon

Hello, my fun and just a little durty friends.  Guess what day it is today? Yep, Flash Fiction Friday!  Oh, what a picture we have for your reading pleasure today.  Oh, so very nasty and sexy.  I loved this photo and wrote several posts but decided on this one.  Hope you like it.  Written in only 100 words, more no less, this is my perception of what may be happening to these two people - or are they people?  Be sure and visit my very creative purient partners in FFF to read their delightful interpretations:) xo

Restrained Abandon

She, restrained; his sharpened nails at the tips of long, cold fingers dug into the pale alabaster orbs of her ass sending a fearful chill throughout her body. She released an involuntary moan.  He was going to do the unthinkable to her, she he parted her cheeks.

She sighed and acquiesced.   As she did so, she abandoned her soul into the gloom and drifted with it into the darkness; her fate falling into the fiery folds of the numb, unforgiving night.

As she exhaled, leaving her body with the beast, she closed her ebony eyes whispering prayerfully............

".......cleave me gently..............please."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser ~ April 10, 2012 ~ For Me

Today is the launching of a new group of very talented and sexy writers called Tantalizing Tuesday.  We are going to tease, tantalize and ignite your fantasies with a short tale, based on a photo of our own selection and 200 words, no more ~ no less, every Tuesday.  Well, as you might expect, I joined this fabulous group of writers late last night and I have to cheat.  So, this is a repost of a prior write and it is 415 words in length, making it my "Unofficial" submission.  I hope you enjoy the read...........When you are finished with me, please leave a comment and go have a read of my purient partners with their creative posts.  Bye-bye for now and enjoy:) xo

For Me

There is a captivating sort of magical look in your eyes that tells me there are a few surprises lurking within that brain (and mayhaps, those loins) of yours. It is the kind of look that invites me to step closer, much closer, until we are touching but not touching; just sort of "feeling" each other's presence.

My face hovers so close to your own and our eyes are not just locked into each other but more magnetically drawn, like beams. I reach up and brush the side of your face with my hand, and your face is so close I can feel the warmth rising from you.

I keep my eyes on yours as long as the connection will last and then I lean down and gently, ever so gently, brush my lips on yours. It is positively electric and without noticing our bodies are suddenly pressed fully against each other pushing with a sense of urgency and need. Our mouths press together and tongue seeks tongue, warmth seeks warmth and need seeks need...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo for what seems like just an instant, but who really knows...

Things happen for reasons, good reasons we have no business questioning or comprehending...

Here. Now. I want you...

I want to look into those mischievous eyes and see them soften with desire. I want to look up at your face from my explorations of your velvet folds and see a look of complete passionate surrender overtake you. I want to feel my touch move you to places we can only explore together...

I want you to sit astride me, so I can look up at you. And I want you to ride me to the edge of the abyss, where we both hover, hang in that sweet incalculable moment; that moment of wanting to tumble over, to plummet, but wanting even more to have it last, as long as we can stand it, there on the edge of cataclysmic satisfaction, but holding it off, and holding it, and holding it, and....

I can't wait for the part where you finally gasp and sob and your body spasms and lurches and you fall against my chest, our bodies pushed together in the heat and the fertile humidity and your hair cascades across my face and I breath you in; I breath US in, rich, earthy, the smell of fresh baked bread, or just uncorked champagne. Us, yes, us; our smell, our wonderful unique particular aroma...hmmmmmmm

It is to be loved, my darling, it is for loving...It stays with me, my love, it stays with me...


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Flash Fiction Friday, March 23, 2012 ~ The Burning Melody

Another Flash Fiction Friday is upon us.  This one, no doubt, will reveal itself to be a most sexy and scortching hot competition.  I am not finely skilled at M/M erotica, so I decided to write this for all unrequited lovers, now sated.  It seemed to work, for me at least.  Let me know what you think of it and leave a message.  After, please stop by my creative purient partners and read their impressions, 100 words no more - no less, of this very sexy photo.

The Burning Melody
Thinking I would torment you by staying away, I finally relented to seek you out.  I thought you would see my face and remember the pull of our love, the desire, the yearning.  My knees went weak when I saw you and I remembered; I burned with the desire we felt but never shared.  I fell, singing your charms; you rose to catch me.

But, you ……….. so cool, almost aloof ~ you knew.  You played me, stroked me to extract the finest tune you could illicit from me.  Unashamed, I sang to your charms, weaving my hunger throughout the melody.

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Flash Fiction Friday, March 16, 2012 ~ Mirror, Mirror......Ahhhhhhh

Things are steaming up this week.  Wait until you get through all this week's Flash Fiction Friday reads.  You're gonna need a fan and ice water................ooooooooo, ice water!  I can take you places with that!!  But, until then, please read my take on this week's subject photo and see where it takes you!!
Mirror, Mirror......Ahhhhhhh

The chime sounded.   Holly grabbed a lollipop and sat in front of the mirror. 

“Ola, it’s Holly.”
“Yes, I’m sooooooooo wet.  I feel a burning in my stomach.  My pussy is hot, throbbing, full; my clit red and hard……my lips full, open, trembling.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, like that……deeper, harder, faster.  I love pre-cum……”
Putting the phone to her silken slit, Holly whipped at her pearl so he could hear her slippery, slapping wetness as he watched through the glass.
She knew what he was doing.
The drape closed. 
Holly erupted in fevered waves of release…………
 “Please insert $20………….Peek-a-Pussy appreciates your business”
Sighing, Holly loved her job...................

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You'll have to excuse me.  I know where this FFF took me and I have to go ride the waves.............for just a few self-indulgent minutes:) xo 

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Flash Fiction Friday, March 9, 2012 ~ Breathless

We Pupils of Prurient Pedagogy have teamed up for a friendly challenge each Friday based on our creative response to a single photo. The objective is to write a 100-word piece, no more and no less.  Joining me today is a bevy of fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of the picture below for Flash Fiction Friday.  You are but a heartbeat away, so please..........enjoy:) xo

Breathless, I rolled to my stomach and held the pillow I wished was you.  Anticipation added to the single bead of sweat that ran down my back, pooling at my waistband.  I imagined your tongue tracing the journey as you ran your hands along my back to my shoulders.  Breathless, your knees gently opened my legs as you lay atop me.  Your hands follow to mine and gently wrap finger to finger as you bury your face in my neck, inhaling my desire.
Breathless, I wander my dream of meeting you one day, longing to share just one kiss with you…….

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Flash Fiction Friday, March 2, 2012 ~ The Emerald Pool

We are at it again.  This hot and sultry Flash Fiction Friday looks to be one of the sexiest FFF yet.  We Pupils of Purient Pedagogy have written, once again, our own 100 word interpretations of the same photo no doubt to the throbbing pulse of our heartbeats. 

Years ago as a young woman, I was introduced to a secret reservoir of spring water nestled in the foothills of the Sierras.  Spring fed and cold as cold could ever be, we swam and frolicked for as long as our naked,  goose-bumped bodies could tolerate the chill.  It was called the Emerald Pool by locals, and many swimmers had been injured by diving off of the granite rocks.  I have taken this life experience and turned it into this week's Flash Fiction Friday.  Read on...............this is mine.

The Emerald Pool

The chilly spring fed pool suspended her painful, twisted body. The stark contrast of the numbing water to the hot, steamy penetration of his hard shaft was the only way she could feel his love.

She whimpered as she abandoned her pain to their pleasures. He cupped her drape to his face, drowning in the aroma of memories, stifling a silent scream as he whispered her name.

"Now," she said softly, touching his face tenderly, "now................please"

He released his hold, crying.  She drifted into the swirl of the emerald pool then disappeared into the waiting dark embrace of relief where she would forever be free.

Interested in reading more takes on this interesting photo?  They are not all alike and each submission is written by one of my dear friends.  Follow this link to Flasher Fiction Friday to get Flashed by all of us:) xo  

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