Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heart of Scars by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers

Tantalyzing Tuesday is on our doorstep again and it is time for something in 200 words or less and I have selected the photo below. Have a quick read then please visit the other participating authors listed below and see what photo inspired their creative juices. They are listed like coconuts washed up on the beach below or in the links scattered throughout.

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Heart of Scars
Ian and Billy had been together forever, or at least as long as it mattered. Ian had generally been an unfaithful object of anyone’s affection—but not since he married Billy.

There was a bittersweet purity about Billy that made Ian want to protect him, even from himself. Billy was a sappy sentimentalist; he never forgot a birthday, anniversary, any special occasion, even making up “Days to Remember” milestone calendars for Ian so he wouldn’t either. 

Ian didn’t deserve such loving loyalty, not for all that he had been in his past but Billy made him whole, made him new………made him clean again with his love.

They hadn’t been to Bareback Beach since that first night—no need, because they found their love in each other. But, tonight was heartbreakingly special in ways Billy would come to understand; memorable in ways that would hurt Billy forever. 

It broke Ian’s heart to watch Billy running, laughing, frolicking at the ebb and flow of the surf with his carefree heart: too soon a heart of scars at Ian’s hand.  So it was here their love began and here it would end.

Ian was HIV Positive. Billy’s love wouldn’t save him…………….couldn’t save him.
© Muffy Wilson

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