Friday, June 13, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, 13 June 2014 ~ And Then the Rain Came

I am late signing up, writing and posting. I wasn't even going to be able to participate this week. I have been busy on projects and I'll get to it again tomorrow.  But....until then, my loves, please enjoy this 100 word flash based on the photo below common to all the authors.

When you are through with my piece, please please, peddle over to my prurient partners who have a proffering lifted up for your pleasures. And do, please, leave a comment. We are solitary creatures that thrive on love, when we can get it. Enjoy.....

And Then the Rain Came

He was her Universe. He rode the white hot currents of sunbeams to surround her by night.  She was a colliding galaxy of enigmatic stars and planets; a milkyway connecting the Moon by night and the Sun by day. Such was their passion.
She tired of waiting for her sun to set bringing him to her impatient embrace.
She ached to feel his breath upon her rising breast and his palms cupping her cheeks in the soulful comfort of love. Surefooted, even in the rain, she ran to be at his side.
Seeing her, he waved then stepped from the curb………….

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