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Anthology Call: Ataxia Awareness Fundraiser ~ Authors, Please Help Us Help Others

I am appealing to all my friends to help. Please read the following post thoroughly. I am not asking you to give money or really much more than your time. You will benefit is so many ways by supporting this initiative to raise awareness and money and all it will take is a few lines from you that will be published in an anthology, sold with the proceeds going to Ataxia Canada and your inspirational message will not only be distributed worldwide with international exposure but may actually help someone or touch their lives in some positive way that you will never know. Please help us help those in need of help themselves.

We are working with author Melissa Ann on a project for Ataxia awareness. The project will be involving authors worldwide. I hope you'll take a moment to read Melissa's letter below about the project. We could really use your help. Thank you.

on behalf of Ataxie Canada

May 28/2015

I am reaching out today to raise awareness about an illness which is near and dear to my heart. I was diagnosed with Episodic Ataxia in 2005, but have lived with it since birth. Ataxia is a progressive disease that attacks the nervous system. At this time there is no known cure. The link below will provide a better understanding of the challenges an individual with Ataxia will face throughout the course of their life.

Although it can present challenges, I remind myself it could always be worse. I choose to inspire people with the message every person has a purpose, and the challenges we face, and overcome, are what makes us the wonderful individuals we are. As writers, we have the power to send a message to our readers, and this is why you have been contacted today.

With the help of the author community, I would like to create an anthology. Each author who participates will be asked to write an inspirational message. Whether it’s done through poetry, a short story or a personal experience is up to you, the writer. Once complete, the work will be published in e-book format. My vision is to make this a daily reading experience for the reader. Each day the reader will fire up their e-reader and can read a new, inspirational message from a different author. This book isn’t about writing in a specific genre, but rather about writing from the heart, and let’s face it, who better to do this than an author?  This project will not only raise awareness and money for Ataxia, but it will also allow the reader to see our deeper sides and perhaps help them in some way.

Guidelines for your masterpieces is as follows:

1. There is no word count requirement, but please keep in mind it is meant as a daily reading.
2. The message has to be inspirational or motivational
3. Editing is your responsibility. The book will be published as is.
Deadline for final submission is October 10, 2015, no later than 5:00pm EST.

The book will launch November 24th and all proceeds will be donated directly to Ataxia Canada.

A & L Promotions (on Facebook), website here, will be hosting an event for the launch November 24th through November 27th. Contributing authors will be participating in takeovers during this time. The last day of the event, a silent auction will be held, where signed paperback books, which have been donated, will be bid upon.

Ataxia Canada has been informed, and is thrilled to be on board. An event page has been setup, but still needs some work before it will be fully up and running.

It is with deepest hope  you will consider participating in this project. Whether it’s to contribute to the anthology and/or donate a signed paperback, every ounce of support counts. It is with you, my fellow authors, a difference can, and will, be made. Let’s use our gift to send messages of love and inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. It is with sincerest hope you will take part in this mission and be the pebbles that create the ripple effect of changing the world.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the google form provided.

Melissa Ann


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  1. Thanks for this message, I will get in tough with Melissa and put ink to paper.

    1. Thank you Chloe, dear. You can follow the links above to sign up on Google docs and then please follow the linkie to the Facebook Event and join. I am sure your inspiration will be top ranking with the readers.

  2. A great way for all of us writers to help one of our own in need and share their passion for life.


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