Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, 30 October 2014 ~ Taylor Savior "An Indulgence of Burning Flesh"

Ahhhhh, Thursday greets again in the embrace of our reunited lovers. This is a peek into my work-in-progress for Decadent Publishing due December 4th. I thought I would jump ahead to a flashback. A little bit of steamy sex is always good.

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An Indulgence of Burning Flesh
They slept deeply, wrapped in the warm security of each other’s arms and legs. The rise and fall of their breathing was rhythmic, in harmony with the single heartbeat of love that they shared so unexpectedly. Their lovemaking opened the door to another plane, a level of consciousness Aynne had never experienced. She tingled with life all over her body, every pore an independent explosion of sensitivity and feeling. She wanted more; she felt alive. She slipped under his arm to escape his embrace as he slept. She padded softly, barefooted, to the bathroom. She closed the door gently, quietly as the tumbler fell into place and latched. She drew a bath which she enhanced with the salts and oils provided by the hotel for guests. She was exhilarated, aloft in love, on the wings of a snow white dove, she hummed softly to herself, smiling, or perhaps a black dove, she thought delightfully.

Aynne toe-tested the water beneath the blanket of aromatic bubbles and, as it was perfect, she slid like molten wax along the side of a candle from the edge into the steaming water. She released an involuntary ahhhhhhhhhhh as she settled into the silken water, enveloped in nothing but fragrant pillows of soothing bubbles. She closed her eyes and simply inhaled the perfumed heat surrounding her. Tipping her head back upon the bathtub rim, she felt the water rise and fall around her breasts with each satisfied breath. As she became more aware of the sensations assaulting her tingling, burning flesh, she gave herself over to the indulgence. Somehow, the night had changed her; she felt different.

Aynne was a woman.

She slid under the level of the water, and submerged herself fully into the awareness of her womanhood, and held her breath; nothing stirred, nothing fluttered, nothing moved - trapped in time for her to savor. She felt a symphony of fingertips flitter along her right breast to her belly and settle on the rise between her thighs. When she rose for breath, from under the water’s velvet surface, she opened her emerald eyes to see Simon perched on the edge of the tub with nothing on but a gleaming smile.

Her skin glistened from the bath salts and oils. He reached for her neck to caress her head as she broke the surface. She was slippery and warm - a temptation of sensual delight.

“I am sorry Simon; did I wake you drawing the bath?”

“No, darling, the chill that filled your absence and stole your heat woke me. That, and I heard you humming.”

© Muffy Wilson

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  1. You totally made me want a bath! I love the description here, you really capture the reader's senses.

  2. Very sensual, I particularly like this line, 'she slid like molten wax along the side of a candle from the edge into the steaming water'


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