Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, 16 October 2014 ~ Taylor Savior "Trust, Respect and Love"

Let's see what today brings us on a Taste of Thursday. Will it be sexy and erotic or heartfelt and touching? We'll see. If it is none of those things, I hope it is illuminating. Most life stories are...I know mine are...

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Lily at 6
“I need a plan. Some sort of plan. I have been so overwhelmed, no one to turn to, oh, Simon. She’s my little girl; I can’t let her die. Please, Simon, please help me. Help Lily.”
“Of course, Aynne; I’ll try. I will help you, if I can. I will do anything for you and Lily.”
“The first thing is to meet her. I would like that and I think you would, too, and she will need it. I am sure you will enjoy her. I have no control over what she will do with you, what questions she will ask of you or how much she will want to know.”
 “That seems fair enough, for now, and easily done. I have been accused of being charming by a woman or two in my life; I think I can take on a ten year old. And then…?”
 “None of this will be easy; with most of it you will be on your own with her. But the value is that you will earn a place in Lily’s life forever – and her love. Simon, Lily has always known about her condition, her Sickle Cell Anemia. She has managed her health as much as a little girl could handle. She knew what she was supposed to feel, when and how. She knew when she was having an episode and what to do, whom to tell or whom to call. She grew up so fast with her health under constant surveillance. I am afraid I have raised her to be a little too independent, too knowledgeable. What I am trying to say is, she is fully aware of her condition. She knows she will die if we don’t find a donor and preferably a live donor, which will be so much harder.”
“So, this is where I can help.”
“I hope. She is a very proud little girl, and very, very smart. She has been raised around adults and is keenly aware of what they can, will and won’t do, if it serves them. As a result, she is somewhat suspect of adults and certainly of strangers. She will be especially wary of you because you are my friend and… you are black. She will guess, I am afraid, our relationship, or guess at one anyway. You will have to earn her trust only because she doesn't want to be a burden to me and she does not know you. There are three things you must do first, I think and after you have done these it will be up to you how much farther you want to go with her. Then she will have to decide how much further she wants to take it with you. But it will all be worth the effort, in the end, I have no doubt. You must gain her trust, earn her respect and, finally, she must willingly give you her love, or nothing we strike out to do will be accomplished. I don’t think I need to remind you of the dire consequences of failure. I am afraid I have raised her in my liking and, as my mother raised me, to be independent. She is a headstrong little girl, determined and well informed about her condition. I have to respect that she will decide her fate, or think she is anyway, and with whom.”
         “She sounds a lot like her mother, at least the woman I knew a decade ago.” 

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  1. I'm so glad he's decided to meet and help Lily. She sounds such a lovely little girl, no wonder her Mother is proud of her.

    Beautifully written taster, full of parental emotion and love. This is a great story Muffy

  2. Quite a touching taster there. There's definitely a responsibility, but I'm positive about where this may go.

  3. I don't know about him, but I'd be intimidated after that!

  4. Annye comes off as very frantic and well-deesrved very concerned about Lily's well-being. I get the impression she expresses her worries in a long winded manner. Of course if I were her, I would be too. I'm hoping he will be a donor, if he'll admit he can be a donor as her father and Lily accepts him. Many questions have to be answered and resolved. You have created a very imtense scene.

  5. Aynne sounds very worried, but at the same time, she seems to repeat herself quite a bit. I would have thought that the most important would have been to explain to him what he was supposed to do to be tested as a donor, or have his children tested as they are blood related, and to what the procedure would be like if he is a positive donor.


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