Friday, October 17, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, 17 October 2014 ~ The Bachelor Party

Flash Fiction Friday and a single photo are the challenge for a bunch of wonderful writers. We're supposed to write a 100 word short story based upon a photo, the photo below, common to all of us.  

So have a quickie read, then slide over to the other posts the authors have offered up for your entertainment. They are all going to be different, I can guarantee that. Follow the link above or below, or I have them listed below one-by-one like tempting, beautiful, sultry hookers on the Place Pigalle. 

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

The Bachelor Party
She had legs from her ‘glory hole’ all the way to China and golden locks just about as long that licked silken shoulders and a 
cock-long sinewy neck. She was perfect in her red leopard 
’tight-as-skin’ vinyl zip-up-the-front mini-dress.  

“Whatzupboys?” she must’ve said a dozen times a night pouring her round, creamy alabaster tits into the car.

“You, baby.”

That’s how it started. A fun-filled steamy send off that turned cold fast.

Five hours later we dropped her off about where we picked her up, but in the darkness, out back.

It was an accident.


We didn’t mean to kill her. 

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  1. Frightening, and doubtless more common that anyone wants to admit.

  2. I was chuckling with your descriptions of her until your words twisted my mood radically to shock. How could you taunt me with this flash? You must have been in a dark mood when you wrote it. Your vivid descritptions control the reader's mood by transforming this emotionally impacted story from one of fun to one of tragedy. Excellent.

  3. I loved the descriptions of her; totally brilliant. I just wasn't prepared for the punchline, you caught me off guard. She obviously played a dangerous game. Excellent flasher

  4. Damn, what a twist in the end. Very clever way to get someone thrown off.

  5. Vivid descriptions! I saw her getting into the car, the others' eyes on her. Hated to see her life cut short. Too real. Great for mystery, suspense, or thriller. Excellent flash!

  6. Very dark, Muffy. Would love to know what happened between her getting in the car and being 'dropped off' again

  7. Oh wow, Muffy! That's a flash with a powerful sting. Loved it!!

  8. WOW! Ok I was not expecting that twist. Great detail in wording and the end, made my jaw drop. Great story! I see a pending longer story in this. ;-)


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