Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, October 2, 2014, Taylor Savior ~ "A Lifetime Ago"

Well, last week on Thursday Tasters, Simon was introduced, by way of a picture, to his daughter Lilly. Unlike many a man, he was not angry at Aynne because she had not told him about Lilly. On the contrary, he felt responsible, too, and felt he had deceived her in the pursuit of his passion for her.

Today, we will discover why Aynne came to Chicago to see with Simon. They are deep in thought and conversation, tip-toeing around the real reason for Aynne being in Simon's office. They started talking again. Let's have a listen. Shhhhhhh..............
Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°  

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A Younger Lilly
Aynne looked to her cup on the coffee table and tried to think of the best way to tell Simon the reason for her trip to see him. She had not been able to come up with a strategy in all the travel time here and decided to just leave it to fate. She trusted that somehow it would work out. It had to…
“More coffee, Aynne?” He rose to pour and this effortless gesture, so simple and kind, unnerved her.
“Yes, please Simon.” Aynne rose, too, and walked to the bank of floor-to-ceiling windows. She stood with her back to him while she tried to steady her quiet reserves once again. Tears welled in her eyes but she stole them back and composed herself. “What a beautiful view, Simon. Everything looks so ordered and in place – so peaceful and calm. You must find this very soothing in your busy day. It is nice to have a place for everything and everything neatly organized in its place. This view impresses me with just that kind of orderliness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was like that, too?”
Simon had abandoned the coffee to follow Aynne to the window. He stood behind her. He smelled the fragrance of her hair and closed his eyes. He raised his hands, almost touched her shoulders, before he stopped himself.
Aynne, feeling his heat, inhaled an essence, one that was singularly his and was tied to a distant memory. She wanted to wrap herself in his body and draw strength from him once again. The temptation to lean back into him was so strong, but she stopped herself short; he was still married, no doubt grieving even though his wife clung to life. Aynne was not here for herself or for him either. She was here for Lily. She had to maintain her steely resolve if she was ever going to help Lily. She turned from the Chicago skyline, circled around Simon and returned to the leather sofa. Aynne sat down again.
“Here, I’ll pour. More coffee for you, too, Simon?”
“Yes, Aynne. Yes, please. Tell me more about Lily; she is the reason you are here, isn’t she?”
She poured the coffee into the cups, mechanically. Aynne stirred in cream and sugar into the hot steaming nectar as an errant tear escaped her composure down her cheek and she looked into Simon’s soft, warm gaze. Her thoughts drifted into the minute by the window a moment, and a lifetime, ago.  
What does that matter now………? That was then and this, a desperate now. She handed him his cup and saucer refilled with coffee and sighed as she sat with her own self-doubts. Her eyes settled on his strong face and met his soft gaze directly, proudly, if not with confidence.
“Yes, Simon, it is about Lily. She has been diagnosed with Acute Sarcoidosis. She needs a liver transplant. We didn’t notice anything, to begin with because she has Sickle Cell Anemia. But she started to feel tired, lost her appetite and was throwing up with a low grade fever constantly. So these symptoms were alarming when they finally presented all at once. I have done everything I can do to find a donor for her, but no one is a match, not me and no one I know. Now she is on the National Organ Donors list. She needs a live donor, ideally. But that is highly unlikely as statistics for live African-American donors are small. Because she has Sickle Cell Anemia, which we have managed until now, it is doubtful she will get a suitable deceased liver donor. Even if that were possible and she did receive a liver from a deceased donor, she would have to stay on rejection medication forever. I didn’t know what else to do, but come to you, with my heart in my hand and a prayer that you would help me – rather help Lily.”
“What can I do? How can I help?”
“I don’t know, Simon, but I do know she will die if I don’t do something,” she cried gently as she cast her eyes into her cup of coffee. “What would you do if you were faced with the same crisis with one of your children – one of your ... other ... children?”
“Anything – everything.”

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  1. What a deep and heart-wrenching taste this week, Muffy. I feel so badly for Lily. The poor little thing having her life stolen away by a trick of genetics (at least sickle-cell is genetic...). I'm wondering if you're grooming Simon to donate. I hope he can help.

    1. Thank you. You are on the right track. He also has 3 other kids and if they have sex again...........who's to say? With live donors, only a portion of the liver is necessary as it regenerates. But the combination of the sickle cell anemia with the Acute Sarcoidosis, Lilly was hit with a double whammy and the SCA hid the development of the Acute Sarcoidosis so it advanced to a deadly state. Yep, we sure have a gut-wrenching condition for a little girl. Thank you for your comment and involvement. xo

  2. Oh god, that last question broke my heart.

    1. Thank you, Linda. That is a supreme compliment. xo

  3. Wonderful taster. So sad, gut wrenching. I felt like I was there. Simon you have a big decision to make

    1. To have moved you is a wonderful gift. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me about my work. xo


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