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A Taste of Thursday, 9 October 2014, Taylor Savior ~ "Into the Stars and Night Above"

Ahhhhhh, mes petites chou-chou, 'tis Thursday again and you know that means you are in for another Taste of Thursday. I have been working on a piece for Decadent Publishing and we have discovered a lot in the past few months. What does today have in store for us? will just have to read on to find out.

Once your appetite has been stimulated, you'll want more...and more...and more. It is inevitable. Have a sweaty slither over to all the other authors and see what peek they will give you into their WIPs. You can find them all listed like falling glitter below or click on any of the links. They are sure to be delicious.....
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Into the Stars and Night Above
Her eyesight adjusted to the salty sting of the remains of her excitement. Aynne lay on the bed in a heavy romantic ardor. The bathroom light that was on cast a golden glow from under the door. She heard the light switch off then the bathroom door opened and closed. She heard Simon walk towards the table where the champagne was still cold. She saw what she thought were two white burning candle tips in the shadows but it was the whites of his eyes reflecting the flickering, diffused , filtered light from the city outside through the window in their room in the shadowed night. He emerged quietly from the velvet darkness; his body took a glistening shape as it shone like a jewel with his perspiration.
The fevered sight of his naked body stole her breath and paralyzed her heart. Wanting to memorize every nuance, she stared at his chiseled good looks. His chest was shimmering: the carved perfection of a Michelangelo statue not of opaque pearlescent alabaster but of rich black onyx with a slightly amethyst undertone. The blackened skin-tight drape of the sweet shadowed flesh of a hungry man approached her, eager to indulge his insatiable, untamed fantasies.
She mistook a wicked twinkle as he approached; a half-smile lay in residence upon the angle of his chin and jaw. Then she realized quite instinctively, that she was deftly in control. At some point, every woman realizes her strength over men and awakens to use her womanly weakness most precisely.
He bent and one drop of his iridescent perspiration fell to her rising breast, searing through her pores straight to her heart. A thousand shimmering stars exploded in a radiant burst and fell to adorn their passions. He kissed her cheek ever so slightly, as a butterfly would settle and lite softly upon a feather. Aynne turned her face to his, seeking his mouth, and their lips touched gently then set fire to a smoldering eagerness within, igniting the tether that joined them. Their tongues collided in a fervent, heated tango and they tumbled from the suspended abyss into the boiling cauldron of volcanic passion that they shared. And they were lost, lost within each other: reaching, searching, touching trying to harness the rolling passion before another explosion cast them into the stars and the night above.

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  1. I could highlight every line as the most vivid description of this steamy scene, but then I would be doing it to every line. Your words have never gone this wide and deep with precise, awestruck detail, leaving me (the reader) with such lofty feelings of pleasure. I can't relate to you how well written this excerpt is.

    1. Thank you so much, Pablo! How you do flatter. Xo

  2. How wonderfully alluring... I want him now.

    1. Thank you, Angelica, for stopping by and reading my offering for today. You enjoyed. I am happy. Xo

  3. I love this. There was erotic sensuality in every line that captivated me, making me want to read the whole book non stop. You have such a talent for bringing to life the sensuous feelings inside all of us. Fabulous!

  4. You really painted this scene with some words! I wish this story could go on. Great story Muffy!

  5. I like how you build things slowly from her just seeing him to the heat of passion. I'm always mesmerized by the way you use images and comparison.


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