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Thursday Tasters, August 28, 2014 ~ Taylor Savior "Silent Passions"

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Erotically inspired by the Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Giant and the Tailor, my current work in progress is Taylor Savior. My lovers have not seen one another in ten years, since the night they found themselves lost in an exploding, volcanic passion in Room 457 at the Hotel Whitcomb. 

Aynne continues to think of that first night because she has made the long trip from San Francisco to Chicago to see Simon. Something deadly serious has come up about which Aynne needs Simon's help. Can he help her, will he help her or will he indulge himself again and plunge himself into Aynne's abundance of charms. Dunno, let's see........shhhhhhhh, here they come. 
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Silent Passions
Feigning a confidence she did not have, Aynne rose to walk the short distance to his office entrance behind Simon’s executive assistant. The closer she came to the double door that separated the two, the more keenly aware she became of her surroundings. It was grand, opulent, elegantly decorated and appointed. The view of the Michigan River below and Chicago skyline was the perfect backdrop for the kind of philanthropic work Aynne understood Simon did for the arts, artists and musicians as well as the supporters and the community. She felt a surprising swell, a warmth of pride build for him as she moved closer to where she knew he was. It had been ten years since she had seen him…and she was afraid. Would he be unwilling to help. Would he deny their history and turn her away? Would he still be her giant and she his Fire of Truth…?

The door swung open before his assistant had a chance to open it for her. He stood back from the door just feet from her, still a giant of a man. When had she released her heart to him? Was it the moment he opened his arms clad in black leather on stage so many years ago? How had he captivated her so thoroughly? Perhaps the subtle pulse of his heartbeat in the small of his neck made her his prisoner. Did it matter?

Tight knots of anticipation unraveled slowly as the warm welcome of both his hands grasp her outstretched right hand.

“Aynne, you are still a vision of loveliness and beauty. Come in. Thank you, Ms Meriwether. Please bring us some coffee. Or would you prefer tea, Aynne?” His smile broke her heart and gave it life at the same time.

“Coffee will be fine. Thank you,” she nodded with a grateful smile to Ms. Meriwether as the assistant backed out of Simon’s office. How would she begin? How could she begin?

“Aynne, you look more beautiful than I even remember. Your work agrees with you - and the moist San Francisco climate.”

“Thank you, Simon,” she stuttered softly as she cast her eyes self-consciously to the antique rug beneath her feet. “Simon…I…ah, I…”

“We have plenty of time for the here and now. Let’s reminisce over coffee and relax. Everyone is always pulling me in a hundred directions. I rarely have a chance to just visit and enjoy the company. Besides, it has been so long.  Indulge me?”

“Of course, yes...yes, of course.” Aynne smiled shyly, raised her eyes slowly from the floor and surrendered them helplessly into his gaze.

The melodic, deep throaty resonance of his voice was irresistibly the same. It surrounded her, swallowed her; it made her weak from within. His voice brought that thought back to her once again; that and spending forever in the flames of the fire of truth - their truth. Oh, God, Aynne thought to herself as she released herself into her silent passions. She once believed a life without him would be torture, and yet, to have his kiss would surely be the death of her. 

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  1. I can feel her suspense and anticipation.

    1. So kind of you to comment. Thank you. xo

  2. I can tell she is really smitten with him!

    1. SHe is that and more, Sabrina. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  3. Very sensual taster. What they will be discussing will probably bring them a lot closer I suspect

    1. Thank you for the comment and visit, Naomi. xo

  4. excellently written taster I like the way you mixed passion and suspense perfectly

    1. Thank you, Julez, for your continued support and comments. I appreciate it so very much. xo

  5. Wow! Your story has captured my full attention. I feel the anguish of her anticipation to surrender to him. I want to know what help she needs and why he might be able to help her. Your suspenseful words flow fluently so muvh I can visualize every detail. There was just one sentence I had to read a couple of times. It must be my failing lack of concentration though. Excellent work!

  6. She is so into him and somehow, I don't trust him. This is so intense and a bit scary. I wouldn't like to be in her shoes.


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