Friday, October 31, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, October 31, 2014 ~ A Black Stallion of Men

Flash Fiction Friday and here I am barely out of bed after the Halloween costume party.....Oh, I see they have been up all night and just gotten into bed! Let's see what this is all about, in 100 words or less, of course.

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A Black Stallion of Men
It had been a great party. There’d been good food, great music, plenty of ass and rivers of whisky. The Halloween party had been a roaring success. Walking around all night with two of the men’s heads in one or another’s ass had their heads swimming in pheromones in the Black Stallion costume.

The men were hornier than Hell as the moon set into the dark recesses of the night.

They fell into the king-sized bed like a train of pull-toys. As long a there were no petty jealousies, they could live as brothers….and lovers. No one would ever know.

Could they share.....without a whinny?

© Muffy Wilson

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