Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, 10 February 2015 ~ Lunchtime!! #iamwriting #writing

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers and I am late! Catch all the other author tempting teasers here. So, I got this up and I thought I would come back for an explanation.

I hate my computer!

Well, not really, but the last few days I have. I have been on with tech services in one place or another for about four days. But, it is fixed now. There was some kind of block on from the time I left Homestead until I opened for business at WIX. Who knew? The only thing I have left at Homestead is my email, but that was not working for quite a while. But, it is now, so if you want to reach me, have a go with me at Muffy@MuffyWilson.com and we'll talk. In the meantime, read my teaser and then sliiiiiiide over to my partners and read their prurient pieces. Leave a comment if you have the time. I am such a sucker....

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°
There was something about her that brought out the beast in him, the competitor. She thought she had finally convinced him that nothing he challenged her with was impossible for her. But every once in a while, he came up with something he thought she would never do—like the time he wagered she would never moon everyone on the I-10 overpass above the 405 during rush hour. That cost him $50.

Well, now he had her attention. What?

A hundred people, everyone she knew, carpooled with, gave performance reviews to, worked side-by-side with every day, and even hated would use this stairway for lunch. Everyday. He knew because he did and it was the only one to the second floor offices.

She was to take off all her clothes, right down to her pink ribbon-tied thong he knew she wore, lie down, buck naked beneath the stairs, and pleasure herself with the sex toy in the box he gave her. She wouldn’t be caught unless someone turned and looked beneath the stairs. Could she do it for $100? Well....

She couldn’t stop until she finished.

Really finished…


And he was gonna watch...leaning against the wall...across from the stairs.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Nice challenge and a nice tease. I know I would've looked and oh what a site that would've been. Great tease, Muffy!

  2. This made me smile. Clever, sexy, and it definitely engaged my imagination. Great tease!

  3. This makes me say, "Ooo baby!" What a tempting delicious tease.You left me interested in knowing more.

  4. Oh yes! So hot! Sexy Muffy sexy. I can just imagine her beneath the stairs with that sex toy. Mmm great teaser

  5. Oho, deliciously naughty teaser. Loved it, Muffy :-)

  6. Nice and naughty teaser you have here ...


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