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Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires ~ Blog Tour 9th - 13th February #iamwriting #blogtour

What would your no-limits Valentine's Day present be?

Lucy Felthouse:
A round the world trip. But maybe broken up into shorter trips, rather than one big lon

Natalie Dae:
A boob job hahaha.

Kay Jaybee:
A cruise to see Alaska.

K D Grace:
A villa in Italy. Or a cottage in the Lake District... Maybe both ;-)

Victoria Blisse:
I would buy Mr Blisse a Totoro bean bag and a Totoro onesie to wear whilst lounging on it. :)

Tabitha Rayne:
Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering with possibilities! This would change everyday - but today, because I feel cheated by the lack of snow this winter, I'd want flown to Austria and taken up the piste... (!) - to ski - to SKI!!!

Lily Harlem:
A round the world cruise.

Lexie Bay:
My own island in paradise.


Excerpt from White Rabbit – The Switch by Tabitha Rayne

If I tilt my head just so, would you know to fall to your knees at my feet? Would you know to surrender to me without question?


This one though, this one is different. As he approaches he flicks a white fan closed and pockets it in his waistcoat in the sweeping way of a man who knows how to work a three piece suit. The action raises a flush on my décolleté and I'm grateful that I am thoroughly buttoned up today. As long as the flesh on my cheeks remain cool and pale, I will be fine. I will remain in control.

He is standing right before me now—almost toe-to-toe. I pull back my shoulders and look right up into his face, willing myself not to break eye contact. But it is intense. He stares right back unwavering, unmoving until, with an almost sleight of hand skill, pulls out a pocket watch and glances at it.

“We're late,” he says, grabbing my wrist and pulling me behind him on tripping heels.
In all my life I have never allowed someone to usher me anywhere like this. He clearly knows who I am as we are standing outside my offices and I’m supposed to be going for some air. I am furious, and yet… not. His stride is enormous compared to my stuttering trot, my legs seemingly bound together by my pencil skirt. My thighs rub together in a way that highlights the fact that I am damp. Damn it. Where is my self-control?

My heel catches on an uneven flagstone and my ankle tips painfully. He never breaks step simply squeezes my hand more firmly and tugs. I am breathless as I almost fall over, catching furtive glances from onlookers who witness my stumbling.

“Where are we going?” I ask but he never looks back, he just throws me a gruff comment over his shoulder.

“We're late.”

My hair has come loose. For fuck's sake. And I can feel a cool breeze under my arms where the silk has become damp with my perspiration. Fuck. Oh god. I must look... dishevelled... lord.

I cup my bottom lip to the side and try and puff the hair away which has fallen into my face. I'm having to grasp his hand with both of mine just to stay on my feet. This is just so undignified. And yet... the dampness has become a wetness and the tops of my thighs are positively clammy. I'm beginning to see the appeal of giving up a little control. Just a little. I am obviously furious...

Billionaires have it all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard to get what their hearts desire. In this brand new anthology of erotic BDSM stories the Brit Babes offer heroes and heroines who aren’t shy about taking what they want. From farmyards to luxury penthouses, wealth is all about sating needs, connecting souls and taking pleasure to new highs. Whether you’re looking for a coffee break read or something longer to curl up in bed with, you’ll find something to suit your needs in Sexy Just Got Rich.

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The Brit Babes are eight British erotica writers coming together to bring you the hottest romance to satisfy your cravings. So go on, indulge yourself and explore your kinky side!

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    1. Hey, KD ~ Wonderful to have you naughty girls here today. Have fun!! xo

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  3. Great blog and fantastic answers to the question babes! Natalie Dae, you do make me laugh!!

    1. Hey, it is a riot to have all you Brit Babes here today ~ you ALL make me bellyroll. Thanks for the lovely compliment and you chicks are welcome here anytime. xo


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