Friday, February 13, 2015

My Hungry Valentine ~ Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday brings a number of members together from a writing challenge group called Will Blog for Sex. It is a private group on Facebook which, under the veil of secrecy, gives us full license to explore the more prurient, often more interesting, side of our imaginations by a single photo prompt, common to us all, and a single boundary of a 100 word limitation.

Think that is easy? Well, have an excited ride over to all the others after you read mine and decide for yourself. They are listed like heartbeats below or linked by love throughout. I am sure you will enjoy them all as they always run the gamut of our collective passions. 

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°
My Hungry Valentine
She loved her husband but hungered for his patrol partner. She would never jeopardize her marriage with an affair, but those shoulders, that tight waist; his thighs topped long, strong legs and all were a source of unfettered desire. Even his uniform, and more specifically his baton in those huge hands, excited her unbridled passion.

She ran fevered-wet whenever she saw him…and he knew it.

She answered her husband honestly when he asked what she wanted for dinner Valentine’s Day.

“A three-way lap dance with you and Jake, your hands all over me—inside me—and double-tube steak take out.”
© Muffy Wilson

Ray Sostre         Naomi Shaw

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  1. Such a naughty flash, Muffy. Does she get her Valentine wish, I wonder? ;-)

  2. Pardon my expression, fucking hot! I love the boldness from her. Hope she gets her wish.

  3. Oh yes! Sizzle sizzle! High degrees of hotness with her wish. Fab flash. You have me hungry for this kind of Valentine gift.


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