Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, May 22, 2012 ~ Flame of Hunger

Tantalyzing Tuesday beckons once again.  Today a sultry, sexy seduction explodes into unbridled passion eager for fulfillment.  Would you be as patient for your lover?  Would you wait for the Flame of Hunger to extinguish of it's own eager embrace or would you seek out another, available for more frequent liasons?  In only 200 words, no more no less, see how this photo, a selection from my very romantic friend, Ferry Golden, has inspired me.  Then, take a leisurely sojourn to my flash friends to see what they crafted on this very sexy Tuesday.  They are listed, one-by-one, below my piece.  Enjoy.  Wrap yourself in the seduction of the flames....

Flame of Hunger

The moon sliced a path of golden white across the bay waters to the boathouse, to where you would find me waiting, as I did, for you every Tuesday. I cannot deny you. The flame of hunger burns hollow in my belly until sated by the passion for you that I endure.

I hear your approach on the footpath.  With each step, my heart skips a beat.  I rush to meet you on the landing.  Too long apart and too eager to wait, your arms find my body, your hands my auburn curls and you crush your trembling mouth on mine. Tongue seeks tongue, in a magical foreplay of molten twists and turns, sucks and plunges. My knees betray me and I crumble into your impatient embrace. You catch my descent and ease me gently onto the walk, whispering your love for me.

Touch me. I arch my back into your hand, my body pleading for your mouth.  I open my knees baring the home of my passion: wet, yearning, quivering. Without pause, swiftly, you thrust your fevered shaft into my body, filling my need. Until, replete, we lay listening to our one heart, beating with the rhythm of the surf.
Oh, so sweet the rain droplets on my skin where your fingertips left an impression.
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  1. As usual, very romantic and sensual!

  2. Really sensual and sizzling hot. Loved it

  3. Lucky woman. We should all find ourselves in this position. Yummy teaser.

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Such a hot picture deserved exceptional writing and it certainly got it (as did she!) Hot!

  5. Very sensual and written with passion, X

  6. just luv your site sweets total WOW!!!!!!!!! :) Leslie Stockton :)

  7. Beautifully erotic TTT! Well done!

  8. Very sensual piece Muffy. Visual and Romantic.

    "we lay listening to our one heart, beating with the rhythm of the surf."

    Sighs. Lovely.

  9. Wow ! Muffy ji so hot and juicy post really enjoyed each moment of love making and I love your fantasy words 'listening to our one heartwith the rhythm of surf ' so sweet, Greetings n love Jail

  10. Excellent, Muffy! I quite enjoyed the imagery. Very hot and very well written.

  11. This almost reads like a lovely poem. Beautiful and sensual. So romantic. :)

  12. A beautifully written and hot tease. I could feel her anticipation for her lover and envied her completion with him. Very sweet yet oh so sexy.

  13. Muffy, I love a woman who comes to our rendezvous without panties. This is a hot, sexy TTT and it certainly got my fevered shaft's attention.

  14. I'm glad you drew my attention girl - haven't managed to look at all the tasty treats yet but you know how wicked and wild I like my heat. No panties - my preferred way. And the picture - yummy indeed. I need little to keep me wet but this certainly does... :)

  15. Muffy, well done girly. I loved it! :))

  16. I love your work! :)

  17. Author Tim Weaver

  18. Oh my! Hot photo and excellent story to suit the tone. Excellent flash.


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