Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, May 15, 2012 ~ Spring of Life

Here we are, another Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser in  the offing.  I have taken a bit of a departure from my normal erotica in an effort to celebrate Mother's Day, not only for the close friends and writers (you know who you are!!) I hold dear that are currently pregnant, but for all the Mothers who have gone before with whom we can no longer share their joys.  It seems fitting, so soon after the most celebrated day of the year, that we pay small homage to the women, all the women, that have loved, been loved, and have nurtured us in our lives.  So, I hope you enjoy this small tribute, to all Mothers, yours and mine and all Mothers to be.  You are treasured...and blessed.  Happy Mother's Day

Spring of Life


The sun split the morning darkness over the Bayou and peeked into our bedroom, awakening me.  As I left our bed and opened the French doors, the fragrance of the morning air embraced me in your absence.  Taking my coffee on the veranda, I looked about the spring of life, abundant around me and I felt the stir.  The honeysuckles, azaleas, wisteria and, of course, roses were in full bloom.  The bouquet created a heady aroma that tempts ladybugs and hummingbirds into a delicate dance for a petaled kiss.  I am missing you so, my darling, but feel your presence all around me, within me.

The hot morning and sultry humidity leaves a glisten of moisture on my skin, like a soft kiss, your kiss.  I hear the bayou lap gently against the jetty, awakening all to her embrace with a rhythm not unlike your touch, as you would stroke me, easing my body into the day with your love.

Each too short day was filled with passion before you left, but not before you gave me the greatest gift. This gift of life so dear, so treasured: a wellspring of our love.  I am a mother.  And you, the father, my love.


Now, please do yourself a wonderful favor and go visit all my talented teasers and read their posts.  You will be heartily entertained, perhaps even alittle aroused.  How bad can that be?  But, first, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of my Spring of Life.

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  1. Beautifully descriptive! So touching.

  2. So beautiful, Muffy! I walked out on the veranda with her. What a lovely letter. :)

  3. Wow!Muffy Ji so beautiful note from a so loving wife along with a special news of life gift , So touching and moving , loved your way of expressing ,my heartiest congratulations to you ,your family and our great fellow writers . Greetings love and hugs Jail

  4. Wonderful teaser with beautiful, lush imagery! Great writing, Muffy.

  5. So descriptive and lovely! Thanks for sharing, Muffy!

  6. Oh wow! This is such a beautiful love letter. Very romantic. *Bowing to your creative genius*

  7. Beautiful and emotive Muffy, such great imagery from so few words! Excellent.

  8. Very romantic Muffy. Wow! I love your choice of words to this love letter.

  9. Just beautiful! Truly lovely TTT.

  10. Talk about touching...romantic...*sighs* wow!

  11. So romantic. Absolutely beautiful, loved it

  12. Well, I hope he gets back in time before the baby is born. Muffy, this is a touching TTT and in truth, there are certainly expectant Mothers out there who don't know if the father of her child will make it home, in time or at all. Well done, I like your style.

  13. That was beautiful and awe inspiring. Is her lover gone or did he die? If he isn't dead; will he ever return? Absolutely wonderful teaser!

  14. That has kind of left me speechless...doesn't happen very often. You wrote an amazing piece that filled me with love and wonder of motherhood. I hope he comes back to her soon and if not she will be a wondeful woman to raise his child. **shivers** Just beautiful writing.

  15. Loved it, Muffy! I would love to see this story continue. Very beautifully written.

  16. Very touching post Muffy, I love the evocative words you used to express this picture. Lovely.


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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