Friday, May 11, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, May 11, 2012 ~ Symposium Sex

Hello, again.  It's Flash Fiction Friday and we are met yet again this week with quite a challenge: a plethora of purient writers, one photo and only 100 words in which to describe our impressions.  Now, I have to be honest.  This picture didn't speak to me at all, but some of my interior friends finally did.  They didn't come up with much, but it is a little entertaining.  I don't know how my inner voices came up with the same sex angle, but it must be because the phrase has been so much in the news of late....whatevahhhhh.  Have fun and be sure to leave me a comment below then go visit my partners in purient photo journalizm here Flasher Fiction Friday or do them one-by-one below....hahahahah:) xo

Symposium Sex

The Symposium on Transcensexual Vertebrate Sex Determination and Same Sex Marriage was turning out to be a brain drain.
Who really gives a shit, Tug thought?  I came to see Mary.
“Mary” is such a pure name for such impure thoughts and desires.  Her hair spun from gold, skin like rose petals fused together in one endless ocean of curves, valleys and secrets as opaque as alabaster but glowing like a lit candle and warm as melted chocolate.  Ahhhhhhh, to have Mary…………..
But, I have a better chance of bending my own vertebrae to have symposium same sex with myself and marrying my balls. 


Bnni Sansom:
Gemma Parkes:
Naomi Shaw:
S.J. Maylee:
Savannah Chase
Cyril J. Michael:
Venus Cahill:
Leann Mitchell


  1. He might have a better chance with his balls with a lovely description as that :) well done Muffy!!

  2. Lovely flasher. Amazing descriptions. Well done!

  3. I agree with everyone else. Great discription. You had me laughing at the end. Loved it!

  4. Love it..You did a wonderful job..Very well done.

  5. Brilliant! funny and very fitting Muffy, loved it!

  6. That was brilliant! I loved how you described Mary, and laughed out at the end remark. Hilarious! Loved it!

  7. Your style is like poetry to me and then wham with the humor. Fantastic FFF!


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