Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, May 4, 2012 ~ The Box

This one is gonna be some fun, so welcome to Flash Fiction Friday.  You know the drill ~ 100 words to describe a photo singled out as the subject for all we durty minded creative writers to exploit for your entertainment.  Have a quick read then slip over to my purient partners blogs and see how this photo struck them.  Enjoy.....and you know how I love attention, so please leave me a comment ....... bye for now:) xo 

The Box

He’s home!  Good!!!  Where the HELL is it? I'm certain that I put it in here with all the other boxes so I could find it!  It’s gotta be  HERE!  It has to be here………….under here?  There?  Brad, BRAD! Help me….. where is HE now?  Geez!  Right in this room……   I am 100% positive!!!
Okay, stop…think…
When was the last time you used it?
What were you doing…?
Oh, yeah, Friday night after the play and a few post production cocktails.
One thing lead to another, Brad and me…….hummmm.
“Yes, honey?”
Where IS that thing!
“You're still wearing it!!! See?”

..............oh, yeah...........

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  1. Love her panic...Another fab FFF post...

  2. I can sense her losing it, very interesting
    Great Flash!

  3. Lol! she does look as though she's searching doesn't she! Great post Muffy!

  4. Cute flash! I love how frantic and funny it was.

  5. Very funny and filled with a lot of fun. Great Flash, Muffy!!!

  6. That was absolutely cute. Loved it! Great flash!

  7. Oh no!!! Where is it? She's still wearing it? What is it? Loved the fun in this one. Great post, you tease you.


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