Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday. May 18, 2012 ~ My God Has Answered

So, today I am continuing my humble tribute to Mother's Day.  I know it is a few days later, but, what's not to love about Mothers?  Yours, mine and ours in any shape, size and form are the keepers of love in abundance.  And, as you will find in this flash, they are the embodiment of anyone's body.

This photo was selected as this week's inspiration piece and several of us crafty writiers must pen a story in only 100 words, no more nor less, based upon the same photo.  I hope you enjoy my take on this wonderful photo.  When you are through reading my dedication to Mother's Day, please swing by and see how the photo inspired my cohorts by hitting the link Flasher Fiction Friday or do them one at at time (what fun!!!) listed below.  But first, you do not have to be religious to have a pleasant read and enjoy         My God Has Answered.

My God Has Answered

When the mass was discovered in Ty’s sister, no one thought for a moment it was a baby. But, she was there: growing, thriving, moving, beautiful ... and right alongside a mass discovered at the same time.  Adult Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: treatment was radiation with a 75% cure rate.
The baby wouldn’t survive.
Sissy, refusing radiation, chose life for her baby and a home with Ty and Zach.  Sissy prayed Ty would agree to take the child as his own. 
But, at what price? he asked his sister. 
At any price, she replied.
She was named Liana, meaning “My God Has Answered”. 


Now, be good friends and go have a joyride in the fabulous flashes of my purient partner's fertile imaginations.  Cut loose and enjoy the spin.  Go on, now go:

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  1. Very touching Photo Muffy ji, thanks for this wonderful gift on mother's day . My best wishes and greetings to you and our fellow Writers Jail

    1. Thank you, Jail ji. You are always so kind and supportive. Blessings to you, friend:)

  2. Fabulous flasher! So touching. Well done :)

  3. How sad. My heart was breaking as I read, Very heartfelt. Great post!

  4. You made me cry Muffy. The love from a mother knows no end and you captured here beautifully.

  5. Very touching and heartfelt - excellent

  6. I agree with everything everybody has said about this, Muffy. It's beautiful!

  7. Very poignant post, l agree with Venus, sad but beautiful.

  8. That made me shivery, it was so poignant! Beautiful job, Muffy!

  9. Muffy, I love the beautiful flash you crafted around this picture! You touched my heart!

  10. Beautifully written and heartbreakingly sad


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