Friday, August 21, 2015

The Dream Palace by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday and look at the lovely photo that has me completely stumped and out of my league. I did the best I can. I am not much into fantasy and dreamscapes, but I did try. And so did the others participating in this challenge today. Have a peek at how this photo inspired them to write a 100 word flash and do leave a comment. We are all suckers for attention!! You can find the links to their pieces below or here. So here is the subject photo...

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

The Dream Palace

Weary to the bone from fighting against the pounding rain, she lay in the bottom of the small carved vessel with only her opalescent wings to comfort her body and her gossamer gown to shield her from the night chill.

She dreamed of palaces, fountains so big they appeared as waterfalls with a glow from the moon to guide her passage.

And yet, when the tiny fairy woke curled on the dry crown of the pistil, she had slept above raindrops pooled at the base of the royal tulip petals and thought…

“Such a tulip makes a fine home for a Dream Fairy.” 
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Excellent Muffy! I love the idea of a dream vision!

  2. Beautiful! You capture the mood so well bringing the Dream Fairy into sight. It's a wonderful idea for this Flasher. Love it!


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