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Roughing by Paige Matthews @PaigeMatthews_3 ~ Author Interview and Book Blitz July 10th - July 20th

Book Blitz
by Paige Matthews
July 10th - July 20th

Ten years

It’s been ten years since he ripped my heart out and left me broken and destroyed.

Ten years of rebuilding, of moving on.

But do you ever really move on from your first love?

Now faced with the past, how do we deal with the future?


Ten years.

She left me a hollow man. No one has captured my heart since.

Ten years spent focusing on my career and having fun.

That is until she reappears in my life.

Can I convince her to give us a second chance?

What do you say about yourself? Aren’t we supposed to write these in third person? Oh well, here I go! I have been writing and reading since I was able to pick up a pen and read a book. I can’t even begin to list the amounts of book that I’ve devoured over the course of my life; from the Babysitter’s Club to R.L.Stein to the classics and the novels of my degrees. I have spent countless hours between the covers of classics during my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Connecticut State University, resulting in a BA English: Comparative Literature and a MA English: Professional Writing.
Recently, I have been focusing both my writings and my readings in erotica, BDSM and contemporary romance. And no, Fifty Shades of Grey did not get me on the BDSM bandwagon. If anything it opened the idea up more to me, but alas I have my own opinions on the trilogy.
I am trying to focus my writings on the emotional aspects of the erotic world, the emotional bondage of BDSM. I am interested in what makes people want to be dominant or submissive, the connection, etc. But I do like to read about a good flogging and bondage story too, the smuttier the better. :)
I live in New England with a wonderful family that keeps me busy when I am not at my day job or writing. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Author Interview

Tell us about your newest release.
          My newest release is the third book in the In the Zone Series. It features Brianna and Colin from Deflection and deals with their story of second chances and love never forgotten.

What genre do you enjoy writing the most? Why?
          I write BDSM erotica. I love writing it because it allows me to explore and educate not only myself and my desires, but those of my readers. Erotica has been around forever, I remember looking at the section in my BN when I was younger and almost being embarrassed by it, now it is mainstream. I love combining my loves of writing, erotica and BDSM into stories that leave my readers craving more.

Which book have you read the most in your lifetime? Why?
          I’ve read Jane Eyre about 30 times. I love the statement of Feminism that Bronte implored in the writing. I was a lit major in college and focused a lot of my research on feminist aspects in Victorian Literature.

What is your favorite quotation?
“Love me for who I am.”
It is an awesome quote stating that you don’t need to change, people need to love you for you and that includes any of your weaknesses, or faults. We focus too much on changing ourselves to fit in or fit societal norms. Be confident in who you are!

What does your family/friends think about your career as a published author?
          They think it’s wonderful. Most of them I won’t let read what I write, but the few that have read some of my kinkier books, blush when they see me! 

Besides writing, what other interests do you have?
          I love to travel and I am an avid Hockey Fan! I love my Rangers!

Which are your three favorite books? Top Favorite authors?
          Top three books is hard! But Jane Eyre, Anything by Thomas Hardy and anything by William Faulkner. Vast areas I know! Contemporary authors include Tiffany Reisz, Cherise Sinclair and many more!

Which book that you’ve written is your favorite?
          I can’t choose! I will say that each book and series hold a different part of my heart. I put everything into my novels, and can only hope that readers see that and enjoy the characters and the stories as much as I do!

How can readers connect with you online?
          Readers can find updates on my website at
Twiter @Paigematthews_3
Tsu @paigematthews
Instagram: Authorpaigematthews

Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?
          I am currently writing the third book in the Double Cross Series, my erotic rocker series, which should publish September or October and I am also co-writing a new Military BDSM series with my publisher. I have a few more Hockey novels to write and a couple more novellas for the Devoured Series. So, I’m a busy girl!

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