Friday, July 17, 2015

Petals of Loss by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Flash Fiction Friday

Ha! Flash Fiction Friday and I am posting but not late this time. So, have a quick read of my 100 word flash based upon this common inspiration photo below meant for all the participants. When you are through with me, please have a saunter over to our website where all the participating authors are listed or you can find them below, like petals on a shifting tide one-by-one.

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Petals of Loss

That morning, the families of the dead took a charter boat out to the area where the ferry went down. They proceeded with the ceremony in spite of their heartache, throwing wreaths and flowers onto the dark depths as transient monuments marking the spot where the wedding party went down.

Each night, the women rose with wisps of steam and curling fog laden in the bouquets and flowers tossed into the black waters of the solemn bay in their honor.

Their lavish wedding garments dripped with floral fragrance while tears of sorrow stained the petals of loss.
© Muffy Wilson

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