Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tease to Please ~ Extraordinary Author Excerpts ~ Coming August 2015

 Awesome Author Collective
Cover by: Kellie Dennis
Publisher: Yellow Silk Dreams
Publish Date:  15 August 2015

This ebook which, when published mid-August, will provide your fans with a ***FREE*** promotional Awesome Author Excerpt Collective. You are invited to review and to be considered, you MUST complete the form (link below) for consideration. 

Participation is not guaranteed.

You may select any heat level, or none at all based upon your genre, submit up to a 1500 word excerpt and with a high resolution photo of your cover to me by 3 August 2015 ~ or the sooner the better. I will have everything else I need to review your submission and, upon acceptance, complete your chapter from the sign-up form. Space is limited. The cover photo is above as is the Facebook banner. Other promotional material will be provided upon release. 

To introduce our favorite authors and new genres to our fan base and sell more books to a wider audience.

You MUST complete this sign-up form to be considered for acceptance:

Let’s have some sexy fun, introduce new authors/books to our fan base and make ‘em salivate til they buy!!

Interested? Sounds good to me! You will be notified by email if your book is accepted.

Plus, there is no cost to you! Just a timely response is required.

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Please, please me......but Tease me first!

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