Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spotlight on ShaeLee Tanner ~ Author of Erotica Extraordinaire

Meet Our Ms. Tanner
ShaeLee Tanner is a new erotic author currently sharing her own personal sexual fantasies, the ones she has found herself returning to time and time again. She holds nothing back. Every scene that plays out in her mind is brought to life with explicit, delicious detail. She believes that there are no boundaries or barriers when it comes to fantasizing and knows her readers will either relate to the fantasy or the fantasy will open minds to new possibilities. 

With a range from having her first F/F experience to her fantasy about
a beautiful hermaphrodite, there’s something to satisfy a variety of desires and curiosities. Along with amazing sex scenes, you will find out a lot about who ShaeLee is as a person. She puts her heart and her belief of respect, trust, and love into every story.

ShaeLee is looking forward to a busy year. In addition to fantasies, she will be publishing two full-length novels, a few novellas, and beginning a series...all while dreaming of days when she can wear nothing at all to work and write her way into her readers hearts.
Where to find ShaeLee:
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