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A Taste of Thursday, 1 January 2015 ~ Forever Helpless Love

A Taste of Thursday finds us on New Year's Day. I hope you all have a blessed and prosperous 2015 with all your dreams coming true. Now, on to the business at hand.

Here we are, with a lovely little slice of my WIP, Moonbeam of Unintended Consequences, on your dessert plate to sample. I hope you enjoy it. The set up is simple. Simon has finally me his very ill little girl from one night of passion ten years earlier. She thinks his being black suits him.....children can be so precocious. Anyway, I think Simon still loves Jordan.

Once you have read my little diddy, please slide, glide or ride over to my cohorts and read what they have offered up to start your 2015 with a saucy bang.

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Forever Helpless Love
"How is she, Jordan?”
“She seems to be more tired than usual, Simon, but then we have had a lot to do to get ready to come here. It may be coincidence. I have been taking her temperature regularly to monitor any change, but she seems to be okay, at present. Thank you for asking.”
“And you? How are you, Jordan?”
“Me? Oh, Simon, I am always fine. I’m little tired from the trip preparations, myself, and the trip, of course. But, all-in-all, I am fine. Just road weary.”
“Good! I am glad to hear it. If you like, you and Lily can get settled and take a nap after lunch. Dinner will be at six for the children in the kitchen and at eight for us.”
“Oh, you don’t eat with the children?”
“Every night, Jordan. I thought it would be nice to enjoy ourselves alone, tonight though. I doubt they will let us act like grown-ups for more than tonight, however.”
“Simon, I am so sorry about Lily’s comment outside. She is rarely so thoughtless.”
“Oh, you mean about me being black?” Simon laughed from his belly and heartily.
“Yes, ‘that’ one. I was mortified. I am so glad the children didn’t hear it. I am afraid of what they would have thought about her. She isn’t prejudiced, just curious, and that can be misinterpreted.”
“I thought it was charming, actually, Jordan. I think she is charming, actually, Jordan. The fact that she thinks being black suits me is reassuring and quite that!”
“Oh, Simon. How gracious you are to say that.”
“No, I mean it, really. Now, is it true? Do you have all my music?”
“She is quite the little snitch, and clever, too, to deflect the reprimand of her impudence on to me, instead. And, yes, I think I have collected all of your cd’s. I might be missing one or two before we met, but I have tried to get them all. I love your voice; it is magical.”
“I might have one, you don’t have, Jordan. It was s demo tape I did of love songs. I have never done anything with it, but, perhaps I will one day. We can listen to it while you are here. I would appreciate a woman’s opinion.”
“Talia never heard it?”
”No, no, she didn’t. It was not hers to hear.”
There, there it was out in the open. He did it. He told her. It was subtle, but powerfully revealing; if Jordan would only hear him and understand with a reply. Would she? Did she even want to pursue something with him, at this time, of all times? Oh, how foolish he was…and selfish. He could not believe he just did that. How could he be so selfish and self-absorbed! He reproached himself over and over again. But, in truth, he was helpless against Jordan.

© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Very nice, I want to see how this unfolds.

  2. What a strange balance the two are trying to maintain. It feels like a lot more effort than required, but each believes they are doing the right thing. Funny how that goes.

  3. I wonder what she'll think of the demo tape. I love where this story is going and the friendship that is being rekindled. Love your taster Muffy, Happy New Year xx

  4. I guess he has to move fast if he doesn't want her to slip away. I think that was a good thing to say for both of them.


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