Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Taste of Thursday, 22 January 2015 ~ Moonlight Hunger #iamwriting #writer #erotica

Today is Thursday and that means that you get a taste of what I am working on so I hope you stop, put your feet up and savor the morsel I am serving up for you today. So relax and have a quick read from Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences.

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Moonlight Hunger
He slipped the thin white straps of her gown over her arms, one at a time, while he kissed and anointed each lovely curve of her alabaster shoulders with his lips. He praised God in the perfection of His creation - this beautiful redheaded vixen in his arms that was his to devour. There was no formality, no hesitance, no resistance from Jordan in any way for as her gown floated from her body and settled into a white silken puddle around her feet, she rose to her toes, slipped her arms around Simon’s strong, thick black neck, and buried herself in tighter to his hardening body. She made her wanton needs evident with a deep, drowning kiss that joined their tongues in a fervent feral tango, tight and demanding.

He had never known such hunger for a woman as he did this woman. Her trusses fell in ringlets of red and gold about her face, caressing her shoulders and brushing his chest as he pulled her closer, closer, closer. She smelled of lavender and bread, champagne and sex. It was an aroma he found, to his excitement, delicious. He would consume this woman, every satin inch of her tonight.

And she would revel in the lavish indulgence of his touch, his kiss, the mystery and magic talent of his tongue. The penetrating fullness of his cock twitched as if unimpressed by any other need and on fire to burn within Jordan igniting her core, burning her need for any other man, extinguishing her every brilliant blaze with a heat so white hot it flamed to an inferno.

They spoke few words after those first few magnetic moments. Their language was on the wings of love, for love it must be, he thought that even then. He had never felt this immediate about a woman in his life. Even he was caught just slightly off guard, but he never resisted, never fought the impulse, never hesitated; he never questioned the night as he plunged into this woman, his heart laid bare at her alter.

And, so, the night went with a touch, a sigh; a kiss, an embrace glistening with the perspiration of passion, flickering in the moonlight glitter. It was a night he had never forgotten, had never wanted to forget which he had never fully shared with anyone, but savored in his memories. 
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. So erotic. Truly an unforgettable time. Such are the nights of passion that are never forgotten and always treasured. Beautifully written taster. Love it x

  2. Wow... Muffy... you have such a gift for the poetic imagery... I shall be floating on this for a while...

  3. Muffy, very sensual and truly poetic. What a style you portray. Great work.

  4. I haven't read any prose so vividly exxpressed of a man and a woman making love so passionately. You have expressed your imagination into the most beautiful scene. I haven't been this impressed with prose since high school when I read erotica secretly.

  5. I forgot to praise one of several images you wrote that are simply outstanding. 'as her gown floated from her body and settled into a white silken puddle around her feet..."

  6. He is as deep into it as she is. And she is just next door tonight, he might as well forgot dinner and get to some remembrance with her. I'm sure they have a lot to "talk" about.


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