Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, 11 November 2014 ~ The Unforgiving Mist

As Tantalyzing Tuesday rises from the midnight darkness, the photograph I have selected for this week's 200 word challenge leaves me more than a little romantic. Love lost, for whatever reason, is unable to break free of an unwilling grasp. We never forget; I never want to forget, but when are we granted peace? 

Are we ever released from desire or does it percolate forever in a cauldron of boiling unrequited passion?  How long must we suffer the pain of separation until it becomes a wistful distant smile, releasing the past to float gently amongst all the other tender memories that make up our us? 

Oh, God...........it is still so raw. An Unforgiving Mist brings the painful nightly return.
Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

An Unforgiving Mist
Between the sighs and soft lavender scented folds of grey mist, your face emerges above me. You descend upon my closed eyes, kissing each eyelid with the soft lightness of a butterfly. I see you smile somewhere in the distance but your breath caresses my neck on the soft skin you always love to taste. 

Tenderly, fingertips balanced in the air, you trace the rounded form that is my face along my shoulders to my breasts. The magnetic heat from your palms announces the arrival of your loving touch to the welcome eagerness of my nipples.
“Touch me,” I beckon in a whispered sigh.
Suspended in my embrace, my fingers seem to weave a gentle hold in your familiar hair, still wet from the shower. Shower droplets run along the auburn curls that crown your head and fall upon my cheek. You kiss them dry as I slowly awake from the grey  beyond.
Emerging from the dream on unforgiving wings, I realize you are gone. It is the tears that join me nightly on my cheeks that I mistake for your kisses. It is the heat of my own forlorn desire for you that awakens the passion in my breast.
Again, you leave me until another night.
© Muffy Wilson
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