Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday, 4 November 2014 ~ Maximilliannna’s Revealing Max

Tantalyzing Tuesday and I am feeling a little precocious. You know the drill: select a photograph and write a 200 word story. A bunch of crazy writer's get together to try and out do one another. It never works but we have a blast trying.

So, have a quick read, leave a comment and then hop the nuthouse train and visit all the other participating authors to see their photo and read their story. The links get you to our page or they are listed one by one below.
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Maximilliannna’s Revealing Max
We pulled into the driveway for what seemed like the first time.  My body rushed; my heart pounded through my chest like a jackhammer. We walked inside and I offered her a drink. The music still played and the view of the desert valley flickered against the night sky. She accepted the offer and excused herself to freshen up and returned from the bathroom in just her lace underwear and lipstick.  

I swallowed my breath at her barefooted beauty as if it were the first time I had ever seen her. She whispered her love in screams of passion against my fevered chest….a chest she had not seen in several months.

“Show me” she murmured in the softest tone.  

I hesitated a moment too long for her liking. She circled around me, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head from the back.

Scheherazade filled the room with mounting anticipation in the fragrant, darkened shadows lit only by the flickering eyes of God in the desert valley below.

I couldn’t breathe.  I was frozen.  

 “Everything,” she near growled.

With trembling fingertips, I complied, fearful of her reaction. Would the scars belie my secret revealing me a fraud? More than that, would she still...want me?

Her smile broke my anxious expectation.

“Maximillianna won’t do anymore, darling; how’s Max?”

© Muffy Wilson

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