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Tantalyzing Tuesday ~ Love's Final Song @SexyMuffyWilson

On Tuesday, every Tuesday, a band of merry authors congregates to tease and tantalyze you with their magical wordsmithery. In two hundred words or less, we select a photo that suits our muse, and we write a wee story called a flash.  

I selected a photo that I missed in last week's challenge in another group I belong to that was the photo prompt. Have a quick read of mine, then sashay over to my prurient partners and have a read of their short stories. You are sure to be entertained. Who knows? You may discover an author you want to follow and read more of their work. They are listed below, like tears on a single pillow, or through any of the links posted.

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°
Love's Final Song
Their song, played and sung,
Would not survive their last dance
Strummed and done.

The music died for them a little each day before she moved into the assisted-living facility. He, still strong and healthy, even against his own wishes and belied by his cane, could not join her there until he could not remember her as she had long forgotten him.

Now, he met her each day on the park bench across from the residence. On nice days, the attendant walked her over. He would get her settled and when her husband arrived to visit and read to her, the attendant would leave them to his private heartbreak.

On bad days, her husband would arrive, book in one hand-heart in the other, and sit staring at the residence willing her to the window for just one look at her lovely face. He was glad she was not lonely, that she did not ache for him as he did her. He was happy, at least, that she did not suffer the forlorn nights in his absence as he did for her. His heart crushed, a little more each day, under the weight of his despair.

Ah, but they danced on forever.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. I'm filling up as I read your teaser. Absolutely beautiful, and so romantic. Proving that love doesn't need to die as parts of the body crumble. I hope she remembers him for the longest time and their love never dies. Awesome!

  2. Oh, I'm sniffing now. Such a poignant and heart wrenching tease. Well done, Muffy!

  3. This was incredible. Touching, moving, and emotionally gripping. I was hooked and keep reading despite the lump in my throat holding me back but when I got to the end, I flowed. Excellent tease, Muffy!

  4. Oh, Muffy, I'm sniffling now. So beautiful and deeply touching. To have experienced that kind of love just once is well worth the heartbreak.

  5. Beautiful romantic story, even heart aches. My heart went out to them. I could completely visualize this scene as I am sure this has happened to many and still does. Perfect story that could go on and on, especially of how these two met and grew so close and loving together. <3


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