Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Taste of Thursday ~ Are You My Daddy?

Thursday brings us a tippy-taste of whatever we are working on for a small band of authors relentless in their pursuit of the written word. Today, I am presenting a wee snippet from my finished work, Moonbeams of Unintended ConsequencesWhen last we met with this family, they had gone to the Shedd Aquarium then onto the hospital for tests and donor match results. The news was not encouraging, but not hopeless either.

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Are You My Daddy?
Lily rose from her nap in Lianna’s room where Lianna was sleeping curled up against Tag-a-Long. Lily heard voices and followed the sound, most naturally. The voices were coming from Mr Simon’s office. He was on the phone talking to someone because only his voice could be heard. She padded, bare-footed into his office where she knocked on the office door, entered and sat on his sofa.
“John, yes, we will speak more on this tomorrow. I’ll have Harvey look up the law on the matter if you’ll please pursue the position of the committee. Yes, thank you. I have to go. I have company in my office.”
Simon replaced the handset into the phone cradle, looked at his little girl and smiled.
“I thought you were taking a nap.”
“Do you ever take naps, Mr Simon?”
“Yes, I do. I get tired, too, you know.”
“Lianna is still sleeping. I snuck down here to talk to you, so I am glad you are awake.”
“This sounds serious, Lily. What would you like to talk about?”
“Hummm, well…are you my daddy?”
Simon, trying to buy some time to think, pushed his chair away from his desk, stood and walked across the room to the sofa where this small little person was looking for answers. He sat down next to Lily.
“Why do you ask that, Lily?”
“I thought you might be my daddy, like you are Saile's daddy and Lianna’s and Simon’s.”
“Well, how would you feel if I was?”
“I think I would like that very much. I have never had a daddy, you know. You are kind, and nice. You like my Mummy.”
“And, I like you very much.”
“Yes, you like me and you are trying so hard to help me. I thought only a daddy or a real giant would do so much for someone they didn’t know.”
“But, I know you…and your Mummy.”
“So are you my daddy or my giant?”
“What would you think if I was both?”
Lily pulled up to her knees and crawled into Simon’s lap as she put her arms around the large man‘s neck. She tucked her little head into the soft spot just below his chin where her nose fit perfectly into his nape.
“I would like that very much. I think it would make my Mummy feel safe.”
“Well, let’s talk to your Mummy about this later, okay?” Simon, happy he’d skirted the issue successfully with Lily, released a silent sigh of relief that she was satisfied with his answer. He did not feel it was his place to tell Jordan’s daughter the story behind her life, without her mother here to monitor her daughter’s reactions and questions. That would have to come later. It didn’t look like it was going to be too much later, but later it would be.
“Is there anything else you want to talk about?” Simon asked his little girl.
”No, Mr Simon. Are you and Mummy going to eat with us tonight or eat in the big room?”
“No, I think your Mummy and I are going to eat in the kitchen with Maddie and you kids. It seems to be where all the fun happens.”
“Yes, it is fun. Do you like Maddie’s cauliflower mac-and-cheese?”
“I never knew it had cauliflower in it! But I like it. I guess she fooled me, too!”
“And made you big and strong and healthy!!”
“I guess you are right, Miss Lily. Now, why don’t you go wake up your Mummy and we will all join Maddie for dinner?”
“Okay…Mummy! MUMMY!” The little one ran out of Simon’s office as he called after his daughter.

“She is in the guest house, Lily!” Simon smiled to himself in the way only a man in love with his child can do. Please, God, let me save my little girl, he prayed.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. That's so sweet. Lily is so smart she has got everything figured out before the adults.


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