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Katie in Love by @ChloeThurlow1 ~ Release Day and Author Interview

Katie in Love
Chloe Thurlow


Katie in Love is Chloe Thurlow's sixth novel, a contemporary romance spiced with the flowing literary erotica that has found Chloe described as “…the Anaïs Nin of our times,” by writer KM Dylan. Coolly self-aware, a masterclass in fine writing, Thurlow reveals in Katie in Love a writer at the height of her powers.

                                                       A literary erotic masterpiece!
With “Katie in Love”, Chloe Thurlow has written another erotic masterpiece! Good literature challenges you, and startles you, providing interesting insights, ideas and questions about life. That is what 
Chloe Thurlow does in her luminous prose and sexy, dreamy plotlines. I will repeat what I 
wrote in my review for another of her erotic novels, “The Secret Life of Girls,” Chloe belongs 
in a rarefied circle of authors of ground-breaking erotica such as Anais Nin, Pauline Reage 
and the Marquis de Sade—her writing is not only gripping and hot, 
but enriches your intellect and soul. ~ By M on March 21, 2015

Katie Boyd has nothing in common with Tom Bridge, the volunteer doctor she meets at a party – except in bed she finds a passion to match her own. Tom is intense, puzzling, a man who cares about others and compels Katie to question her own life drifting through the hip clubs and London party scene.

When Tom returns to his post in a Sri Lanka orphanage, Katie isn’t sure if their passion was lit by its brevity, or if love, unexpected and not entirely wanted, has edged its way into her life. Should she go back to being who she always was? Or follow Tom into the unknown?
Katie in Love is a compelling erotic-romance that will grip readers as they follow Katie’s journey to an ending they may have expected – but not in the way they expected it. 

Katie has met a stranger and taken him back to her apartment –
He kissed my breasts in turn, left first, then right, taking my nipples into his mouth and biting down just hard enough to make them pop out, eager for more. At the same time his quick fingers found the zip on my skirt and the fabric fell about my toes. He rolled down my tights and I hopped about from foot to foot as he expertly rid me of this clutter.

Just as I had gone down on my knees, like an echo, he did the same. He took the sides of my panties and pulled at the elastic. He ran the moist fabric down my legs and over my feet. He dropped down and adjusted his head so he could savour me. I adored the touch of his tongue and he drank from me as if from an upturned cup. I could smell my own scent. I pulled him up and we stumbled to the bed where, in a long kiss, I tasted warm salty seas with a fragrance as sweet as baby breath.

He slid up inside me, and time wasn't suspended. It was racing. He was going to come. I didn't want him to, not now, not yet. The longer you wait, the more you delay, the more you reach the moment of release before receding, the greater the pleasure, the more wonder and mystery that wraps itself around the orgasm.

As he tensed, I let his cock slip from its warm cocoon and sewed kisses over the fine curly hair on his chest. I straddled his neck and lowered myself over his mouth as if it were a saddle on a horse. He kissed and sucked, nudged my clitoris and wormed his tongue into the heart of my pulsating vagina. Liquids seeped from me in a continual stream, piquant and vital, the essence of sex. Tended the right way and in the right places, a girl is an eternal fount that just keeps giving, the milky fluid creaming over the walls of my pussy, over my spread lips, anointing the stranger in a fine spray that coated his face.

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I wrote an erotic short story while I was at college. It was published in a magazine. And
my fate was sealed. I was hooked on exploring my own sexuality and writing about it – the result, six novels culminating in, my favourite.

All things Thurlow
Katie In Love is the next book in Thurlow's long list of exceptionally well written books. Once again, Thurlow writes with intelligence, wit, panache and a true passion for life and the human experience. As with all of her other books, this bookis a great read to be enjoyed by the tens of thousands of readers that Thurlow has titillated these many years. And if you are new to erotic romance as a genre then there is no better author to begin with than Chloe Thurlow.
Highly recommended! Cheers. ~ Bydennison January 29, 2015

The other stuff: due to my father's job, I was born in Belgium, took my first steps in Italy, went to kindergarten in Canada and shipped back to school in England. I am an insomniac. I love dancing. I adore the Mediterranean, late nights, chilled cava (better than champagne, lighter, less fizzy) and I stop being so stodgily English when I speak (my rather mediocre) Spanish. Read more today on Chloe's blog here.

 Author Interview
Author: Chloe Thurlow
Date of Birth:  "Being a Sagittarius born on December 10th, your openness and restlessness define you." So it says. 1985. This year, the big THREE 0.
Date of Interview:  3 February 2015
Place: A cosy fireside of the imagination with the snow beating against the window.
The Book:  Katie in Love
Introduction: Katie likes sex with strangers. No strings. She isn’t looking for love and doesn't know if it's what she wants after that first night with Tom and the feeling starts slipping over her like a warm breeze on a cold day. In 3 weeks, Tom leaves for his work overseas? Then what?

Tell us about your newest release:
Katie in Love draws upon everything I behave ever done and thought about, all my fears, minor triumphs, my desire to write romance erotica in a way that will last in the memory and last long into the future – like my literary heroine Anaïs Nin. The novel is driven by the characters, Katie and Tom, their passion set against the passions, politics and philosophy of our times.

What genre do you enjoy writing the most? Why?
My earlier novels were about girls coming of age and exploring their sexuality. I guess I have come of age and my erotica has a deeper, more literary edge – liberated women looking for their place in the world and grabbing it. I write erotica because I read it and like it. Sex is an essential part of our being and what better way to enjoy sex – if you're not actually having sex – than to read about it.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?
I learned that I don't hate my own Mother after all, and that my father, who appears ultra-conservative, isn't conservative after all.

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Cathy from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë because there's a bit of me in Cathy and a bit of Cathy in Katie.

What is your most treasured possession?
Not my laptop. Not my iphone. My passport.

If you could only tell us one thing about yourself, what would you want us to know most?
Ooo, that's hard. That I hate this world being so out of balance, that there would be less poverty if there were less greed, that I may appear at first glance to be on the right of the invisible line, but I am several steps further to the left.

Which living person do you most dislike?
Two years ago I would have said Mother. That's not true any more. I occasionally think it's my brother, but I love him madly. I think it would have to be the man who invented debt as a saleable products and bankrupted the world. 

Which living person do you most admire?
This is another impossible question, but I will say Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge theoretical physicist who should have died aged 23 and is now aged 73, for his perseverance and genius.

With whom, living or dead and why, would you like to sit and chat with for an afternoon?
Albert Camus – author of The Stranger; The Outsider in the UK – who went beyond existentialism to the understanding that there is just you and just this moment in time and that should be lived to the full. Melancholy, he said, is the intellectual disease. Now get over it.

What is your greatest fear?

Who or what has been the greatest love of your life?
It is him and it is now.

What is your greatest regret?
Everything seems to happen for a purpose. You break your leg, miss a skiing holiday, spend a week in bed discovering a new author and fall in love with the Swiss doctor. You discover the bastard's married. You cry on the train home and a stranger gives you his handkerchief. By coincidence, you get off at the same stop. But is it coincidence? Best not have regrets. There's always another day.

If you could choose to be a character in a book, who would it be?
I would be Katie Bond, the female James Bond. I would win loads of money at the casinos (to give to the poor, of course), sleep with beautiful men to learn their secrets, then save the world from a vile consortium of corporate bandits trying to take over the United Nations. 

Which book have you read the most in your lifetime?
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, a Nobel prize-winner and greatly underestimated.

What is your favorite journey? Metaphorically or otherwise?
That's easy. It is the flight from London to Barcelona because I adore seeing the blue skies and blue seas as the plane banks to land and the Mediterranean sun shines in my eyes.

What is your favorite quotation?
"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind." William Blake

Dogs or Cats? Which do you prefer and why? 
Cats. I'm a cat.

What do you most value in a friend?
Honesty. I like people to do what they say they are going to do and I try to do the same myself.

What quality do you most admire in a woman/man, lover/spouse or influencer/boss?
I suppose the same as above: honesty, integrity, openness.

What are your favorite names?
Katie, Eleanor, Marie-France / Thomas (Tom), Max, David

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?
I was influenced by my tutor at university and by an uncle who believes he never reached his potential; I was influenced by the authors mentioned, Nin, Camus, Kundera, and so many more my mind is spinning.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?
Mmm. They would like me to write in a genre other than the genre I have chosen.

Besides writing, what other interests do you have?
Swimming, dancing, running, running away, learning Spanish, eating oysters, cooking omelettes (I can’t cook anything else), watching movies, specially if Ryan Gosling is in them, and watching the sun come up over the Mediterranean while walking home carrying my shoes.  

Which are your three favorite books?
A Spy in the House of Love (Nin), One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), The Secret History (Donna Tartt).

Which book that you’ve written is your favorite?
Katie in Love – no doubts. It lived with me for 13 months, my late baby.

Where do you get your greatest ideas for writing?
Walking alone in the park. Ideas fall out of the sky and fill my head. I use my phone to record those ideas and just hate it if someone calls in the middle of it.  Even if it's him.

What is your ‘Writing Routine’, if any?
I write at night while the stars dance in the sky and the planes follow the Thames into Heathrow. But, really, writers are writing all of the time. My friends hate it (although the secretly love it) when I steal their dialogue and slip it into my books.

Do you have any interesting quirks or rituals?
Oh, yes, millions, too many to share, except I try to follow Hemingway's advice and always leave something undone so you don't face the horror of the white page the following day. I love Hemingway, although I wish he hadn't shot all those elephants. I drink coffee and I love other people reading my work aloud.

Tell us a saucy/intimate/personal story about yourself.
Oh My God! Only one. On a moonlit summer night when I was on holiday in Spain  with my parents and didn't speak Spanish, I met a boy who didn't speak English. We danced at the disco. We joined hands. We walked to the beach and, with the tide lapping like a beating heart against the shoreline, we did that thing we were born to do.

Silence/Music/TV for background?
Silence for work, flamenco, Amy Winehouse, Bach.

How can readers connect with you online?

What are your Top (10?) Writing Tips? Writing Advice?
    1.   Edit
         2.   Re-write
         3.   Edit
         4.   Persevere
         5.   Never use a cliché
         6.   If in doubt, leave it out
         7.   Don't use 'very'
         8.   Edit
         9.   Re-write
        10.  Edit

Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?
Yes, I would love to. A new novel set in the United States (Long Island and Manhattan) that is not in any way autobiographical and is about an older woman discovering herself and her sexuality with a younger man. I have a fantastic title, so fantastic I am not giving it away.

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Beautifully written erotic love story
Pleasantly surprised was my first reaction.
I have read other books from Chloe Thurlow and this is different.
Softer, sweeter, harmonious, yet still erotic.
The story has a feeling of calmness, easy flowing,
soul stirring as the author takes you on a journey
with Katie Boyd and Tom Bridge.
Katie a writer of erotic novels and Tom a doctor who works with
children in Sri Lanka.
Different as night and day yet destined soul mates.
Sometimes, it only takes a single word, a color, a scent, or a touch to
catapult us back in time.
The author has done just that as Katie reminiscences some pivotal points
in her life.
A snapshot of who she is, where she came from and how much is she
willing to surrender for what she wants.
Questioning the unknown, love…
“I had lost my sense of balance, of equilibrium. I understood how strangers met and fell into bed,
not how they met and fell in love. I wasn't sure what falling in love meant.”
Luscious scenes as Katie and Tom discover erogenous zones with
passionate kisses, magical strokes and oral intimate acts.
This is after all an erotic romance.
The ending unexpected and welcomed with this becoming my
favorite of the authors’ work.
Beautifully written erotic love story.
~ By lorraine M on January 29, 2015

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