Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, February 28, 2014 ~ Have We Met?

So, we remodelled our bar and restaurant when I was just a young thing, my husband, brute and buff, on a ladder in shorts bare naked from the waist up. Lemme tell you right now, there is nothing like a man in the moment of heat and sweat that is covered in sprinkles of perspiration sparkling in the fractured sunlight with his ripped chest, heaving for breath. Holy Mother of Man, give me that one, please!
And the less they suspect about how they crank us up, the better. Soooooooooo, that is just the story I have told for this photo and this poor bastard. Ha! Good Samaritan that he is, I think he is going to fair prettttttttty well, in the end. Me also thinks he may know her and she may have been watching him for some time then gotten herself more than just a little worked up as he remodelled the diner. But, I could be wrong.
Have a salty read and then sashay over to my nasty network of authors friends and read what this photo drove them to write! You can find them on the link below or listed one-by-beautiful-one like a tasty menu of lip-smakin' milkshakes. Leave a comment if you enjoy our work, especially you! 
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Have we Met?
He worked up a sweat trimming the new countertop when it started to pour rain. He heard a soft thud against the door, looked to see her slump, agony on her face. He bolted, unlocked the diner door and lifted her off the threshold.
“My ankle…....”
“Let me help you……”
He collected her body in his arms easily, felt her breasts against his chest, and perched her gently on the counter to examine her ankle when she wrapped her legs around his waist then pulled him into her breast.
“You’re half-naked, sweaty-hot.....just the way I wanna fuck my hero.”


  1. She's a fast moving lady. I like her stuff. She must get what she wants. You wroye a great amount of story confined to just 100 words. Well done.

  2. Lol, I def like her style. A woman who knows what she wants :-D

  3. Now that's the kind of hunger I love! Fast paced, visually perfect in very few words. One hot fab flasher

  4. very sneaky way to get what she wants. Excellent

  5. LOL! Playful and awesome. Def clever on her part. Great flash!

  6. She certainly doesn't mince words! I love it!

  7. You have talent my friend and your brilliant descriptive imagery takes the reader on a journey of sweet bliss. Bravo on a job well done my dear Muffy! xo


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