Friday, February 21, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, February 21, 2014 ~ Without You

Flash Fiction Friday yet again here at Will Blog for Sex. The photo below (I just love it!!!) is the common inspiration subject for all participating writers about which the challenge is to write a 100 word story in brief. It isn't as easy as it sounds. The weekly exercise is designed to develop writing skills of brevity, words selected for the maximum description and effect. Get to the point of your story artfully, concisely with the most impact.

I think I accomplished that this week, so I hope you enjoy my piece. If you do, please leave me a comment below and then have a saunter over to my sensuous co-writer friend's blogs to read how this very same photo inspired them. They are listed below like heartbeats shared between lovers: one special one at a time.

Enjoy Without You.........

Without You

“I will die before you if you deny me love…” she whispered, as he caught her descent while she weakened.
“No, darling, please, not now…….not ever! I can….I do love you!” he prayed into her hair.
She felt his palms upon her arched neck and his lips upon her forehead which ignited the passion that gripped her heart and soul. The tendrils of possession embraced her body and left their mark. The obsession she felt spread and left her defenseless against her resolve to be but his or no one’s. 
She shared one breath, his; without it she would perish.




  1. Love the intensity of this one, Muffy. Beautiful as always :-)

  2. Oh, Muffy! This one was beautiful, romantic, urgent, intense...I really loved it. Fabulous!

  3. Now that's need. 'Tendrils of possession' - splendid phrase. A gorgeous evocation of the picture. And it works perfectly with Whitney.

  4. Amazing!!! Ah such passion in just a few words. I could feel every breath from a woman feeling there was no point in living without her love. Wonderful flasher

  5. The action works perfectly with the picture. Very intense emotion.

  6. Beautifully done. I can feel her tension. Fabulous Flash!

  7. All-encompassing love. Enjoyed this!

  8. So powerful! This is exactly how my fiance and I feel about each other. You gripped my heart with your words. <3

  9. WOW!!! that was all consuming great read so well done in a flash loved this thank you.... :) hugs T

  10. Oh wow, so much emotion and love...full of love and passion. Awesome flash!

  11. Simply breath-taking and divine sweet soul... I love this tender write that brings the reader through the journey you weave so wonderfully! Ink on my friend. xxx


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