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Flash Fiction Friday, February 14, 2014 ~ Queen of the Saltwater Sirens

Who among us has never looked into the blacken depths of the ocean and wondered, Are they real? And if they live, what is the difference between a Mermaid and a Siren?  Simply put, Mermaids are thought to save mariners from the cold dark depths of Neptune's death grip while Siren's are known to seduce a man to his death through the lure of song and sad wailing, for whatever reason they want: food, play or temperment.

This Flash Fiction Friday 100 word story, based upon the photo below for us all, is about such an creature. Please read my short song to the mariner and bless me with a comment before you leave to visit all the other participating writers to read what this photo has evoked in them. They are listed below like sea treasures or you can just follow the link provided.

In any event, a Mariner would be foolhardy to stop to save a Saltwater Siren as they were never in distress but who can tell the difference between friend or foe when the beautiful outstretched arm is so long, lovely and beckoning...?

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Queen of the Saltwater Sirens
She rode the dancing turquoise currents, collecting seashells, sea-flowers and colored coral. As she ascended, the transformation began: her tail, scales falling away like glitter and long…supple…graceful, was now two lengths of elegant limbs. Diving to the ocean floor, she scavenged for keepsakes of her adventure, bits of jewels, coral, and iridescent shells to save. Through the ribbons of her hair, painted by the depths with an onyx shimmer, she wove her seashells, sea-flowers and colored coral sea treasures. Her skin, decorated, bronze and silken, glistened with a hunger to be touched.

And her natural eagerness increased with ache, passion, desire.

She crawled upon the crag, waited and sang-soulfully, as the thunderous sea rolled, twisted, churned to deliver.

Mariners would rescue a maiden-in-distress, never a sea-witch and...

She had a pod to feed.



  1. Oh beautiful siren, yet so dangerous. Beware any mariner who may fall under the enchanting spell. A wonderful flasher that portrays the siren so well. I love it

  2. Love it! Great writing, so fitting for the picture :-)

  3. Yeah, you have to be careful with women who look a bit fishy!

  4. Just like Homer with his sirens luring Odysseus, you have set the scene for the vixen mermaid luring mariners to feed her kindred. beautifully written

  5. Love it..especially the onyx shimmer. :) GMTA on the dangerous mermaid angle. :)

  6. *shivers*
    Beautifully crafted, Muffy :-)

  7. haha well done!!! great ending nice scene... hugs T

  8. Wonderfully written. The flow of the story was nice.

  9. Wonderful job! Excellent ending... so intriguing and foreboding.

  10. Loved this!! Scary and beautiful and seductive. Great flash! I wonder if she gets what she desires to fill her hunger and lust for man. :)


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