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Tantalyzing Tuesday Christmas Blog Hop, December 17-20, 2013 ~ The Unforgiving Sea

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser's Christmas Blog Hop is in full swing.  Don't miss the prizes galore and gifts offered by the participating  authors. All you have to do is read the short 200 word flash fiction story written by the author and comment on the blog in the area below the post. The stories are based on a photograph of the writer's selection which inspires a teaser.

I lived in San Francisco, years ago, and when I saw a picture of the old Cliff House, it brought back memories of Point Lobos and the ruins of the Sutro Bath House. The old Cliff House burned down in 1906 and was replaced by a beautiful structure that is revered and honors the past.

I hope you enjoy my jaunt into the past and if so, please leave me a comment below. Then please jump to the other author pages via the link above or I have the writers listed one by one like sea shells on the beach. TaTa for now....Enjoy!!

The Unforgiving Sea
It was low season below the old Cliff House; the wind and surf were bitingly cruel off Point Lobos. 

The wind and surf swept his stinging pain and replaced it with a numb darkness devoid of sensation.  His thoughts escaped their quiet shelter and he wanted to drop to his knees in the deadening surf and scream to the world…….

“Why, Deidre, why suicide…..?”

Even as the silent, fugitive thought rose, he knew it was his name he should be screaming into the bitter, grey current of pitiless air.  He had done that which he detested most in others; he had lied.  At his own hands, he had stabbed Deidre in the heart with shards of truth and spikes of lies trying to assuage his guilt. He witnessed Deidre’s total collapse under the truth of his betrayal as she fell into Chuck’s arms.

It was over, over in the roaring surf which stifled his sorrowful screams. Under the weight of his tears of infidelity, Chuck walked into the ancient breakers below the witness Cliff House.

Chuck’s guilt and shame were crushing; he was a coward in the face of Deidre’s strength.  He deserved no less than the cold, heartless sentence the unforgiving sea delivered him.

Christmas Blog Hop Participating Author's

         1Naomi Shaw  5J S Morbius  9Jake Malden  
         2Doris O'Connor  6. Raven McAllan  10. Gemma Parkes  
         3. Muffy Wilson  7Dariel Raye  11. Alexandra Anthony  
         4. Pablo Michaels  8Molly Synthia  12. Leann Mitchell  


  1. shards of truth and spikes of lies...

    You keep raising the bar with the imagery. This is a beautiful (and horrific and melancholy and terrifying and...see what you did to me?) piece of writing Muffy

  2. Wow, Muffy. I have actual goosebumps after reading that. Such powerful words.

  3. Fantastic flash of tragedy of love lust and desire seeing the cold heartless sentence delivered by merciless sea . Really liked it . Greeting Muffy Ji Loved your post

  4. That was amazing, Muffy! Your artistic use of words never ceases to amaze me! This post brought tears to my eyes. Well done! :)

  5. I can't grasp the concept of suicide, it's utterly alien to me and beyond my frames of reference. There was a time when I thought about it and decided it was irrelevant to me. I'll die someday anyway, I can wait to find out what's beyound the veil if there's anything at all, meantime life is for exploring....well...LIFE! The good, bad, and in between. There was a time I embraced the pain as a relationship ended, not a pleasant time to be sure. I was asked why and the answer was simple. Because it meant I still could feel, that I would yet be capable of feeling after the pain had run it's course. BTW I want to say I very much enjoy the musics you pick to go with your writings. Many tend to go "WTF" when they hear the eclectic playlist on my MP3 player but you leave me in the dust at the starting line in comparison. By all means keep it up!


  6. Powerful! I'm speechless. Wow! The atmosphere of a cold cheating breaking heart amidst the swell of torturous waves were evident. Fabulous!

  7. You have outdone your mastery of imagery and emotions wrought by Chuck's unforgiving guilt. How can I equate myself as a writer when you create such spectacular stories. Extremely well done!

  8. So intense, Muffy! Your perfect imagery put me smack in the middle of the story. Well done :-)

  9. Beautiful Muffy, struck a chord with me, so poignant. I particularly like 'he had stabbed Deidre in the heart with shards of truth and spikes of lies' just excellent.

  10. You know I'm one of those sorrowful souls who can relate to these melancholy writes and suicide is usually in my daily dictionary of words, unlike the comment above. I so admire those who seek life out and see it through. I don't personally feel that people wish to feel these types of lows in their own lives.. I surely don't.. let alone being lied to, betrayed, and casted away like yesterday's news. Sometimes these very things in life can make you want to cry until you die. Everyone is different, and it is a gift within and a true strength to stand some of these tests of times... I try my best, and that's what I'll continue to do until my best don't cut it and the storms of life take me a way.... Thanks for sharing this superb truthful reality that many will shy away from simply because they want to remain smiles and fake like until they so call make it... but that won't ever change reality in all it's harsh tides.... it just will mask the moment in denials eyes...


  11. Very powerful and full of guilty emotion written brilliantly

  12. Truly unforgiving, Muffy, and somewhat at odds with the 'Merry Christmas' sentiment, but no less impressive for that. I love it when you take on a striking landscape and let it fuel your eloquence.

  13. Intense and beautifully written, from beginning to end.


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