Friday, December 6, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, December 6, 2013 ~ Prairie Orchid

Flash Fiction Friday, with the creative author group at Will Blog For Sex, is back today to entertain with their missives of 100 words or less based upon the photograph below. I think you will enjoy all of our creative interpretations. Mine runs a little long, but where to cut? Not from her and certainly not from our bathing cowboy.  Oh my, oh my.... 

Well, you read it and leave me a comment then catch the Pony Express and ride over to the other wildly creative writers to read their shorts on the link above or lined up like horses on a hitching post below. Saddle up; enjoy the read to the theme from "Upon A Time In The West"
Prairie Orchid
She’d seen him handle the ponies from the big house. Oh God, touch me; whisper in my ear; put your palm on my cheek, please …….
Gathering her determination, she pushed further into the bunkhouse. Perspiration glowed like fiery rhinestones on her body and ignited a burning ache.  Tucking her hem up exposed her long, fluid legs as she stepped into the steamy clouds.  She sat on the edge, knees apart, fingers draped on her satin inner thighs framing her eager blossom. A strap fell off the small of her shoulder exposing the iridescent flesh of her quivering breast.

Her passionate quintessence escaped her body in a soft moan of desire.

“Coffee, for a prairie beauty?”

“No, thanks.……………. I brought you a prairie orchid. ”

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  1. A prairie orchid indeed. Hot flash, Muffy :-)

  2. A slow and sensual flash! Love the last line.

  3. I was hanging onto each erotic sensual word wanting so much more. Passion brought in from the prairie. Fabulous!!!

  4. Nothing like a pretty flower after a long hot day...
    Yay, I can see your blog again!

  5. Ahhh, will the cowboy rise to the challenge of taming the unruly filly? *grin*

  6. There could be no other than a prairie orchid for this cowboy to offer her. I interpret her as being not bashful, much younger than him. Just one question. Is she the prairie orchid unfolding her petals with her desire for this man. Good interpretation, full of romance.


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