Friday, December 20, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, December 20, 2013 ~ In Dream Situ

It is Flash Fiction Friday from the marvelous writers at Will Blog for Sex on Facebook. It is a challenge of a common photo and only 100 words to write the story the photo inspires for the writers. You can find the participating authors at the link above or listed below. If you enjoy my post, please leave me a comment. The comments are rare and much appreciated.

In Dream Situ
She only came to him at night when his mind was released, vulnerable…..passionate. The desire and erotic longing left him a captive of his carnal lust. With breathless anticipation, he waited for her. 

The sun slowly dropped behind the horizon in a blaze of red and gold bursts of purple glory. The moon rose leisurely, seductively, and reflected the magical radiance before the iridescent golden hue dissipated. The mystical rays of platinum gold gathered in a collective aura and framed the appearance of the shimmering beauty.

He never wanted anything until he met her, and then, he wanted nothing more.

Participating Authors


  1. What a wonderful so hot and beautiful tease , really so rythmic and romatic atmosphere you have created "the moon rose leisurely seductively " so poetic Loved this post so much

  2. Beautifully crafted words bring the unmistakeable essence of passionate feelings with the visuals. You treated his feelings with expertise as in the dreamy haze he longs for her. Wonderful!

  3. Beautiful Muffy. I was right there feeling his anticipation. :-)

  4. Beautifully written with excellent description throughout. I loved it, Muffy

  5. Ah, this had beauty and a great romance written throughout. This could be the beginning of a longer story. Your words captured the mood of the picture very well. IO love the end. Oh to be caught like he is.

  6. Beautiful. Such vivid imagery. Love it!

  7. Muffy, this was wonderfully sensual and erotic. I thought it was astounding how described the sky in several ways and each layered onto the previous and just added to the picture. Beautiful. Wonderful. Wow,


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