Friday, July 6, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, July 6, 2012 ~ The Abyss of Summer Love

Not so lazy, and warmly responsive to this photograph, permit me to Flash again.  This time on the subject photo.  So tender the memories of youth's first hot summer love.  It was my first, not my last, trip that summer to the aquaduct to "watch the submarine races". 

Ah, how I wish it had really been like this my first time.  How I wish it had been with Kevin the night I traced I love you on his varsity football hardened thigh in the pre-cum of his eager manhood.  Not withstanding the past, it can be whatever we want on the white willing pages of our imaginations.  And this is mine.............

The Abyss of Summer Love

It was not our first date, that hot first summer.   When I opened my heart and my body to his young, trembling touch, it was with an eager abandon leaving me fragile, quivering and anxiously wet.
He was patient and wonderously hard, as he lovingly brushed an errant curl from my upturned face, expectant eyes wide.   Unaware, I floated into the embrace of his blue gaze and in a suspended motion, I settled my young body on his outstretched cock.
I nearly exploded as he slid into me.   Filling me with his heat, we watched our bodies disappear into the abyss of summer love.


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  1. So hot. Sensual, loving and oneness absolute. I love that he was patient, waiting for the right time. All good things cum to those who wait. There will be more times Great flash

  2. fabulous, Muffy!! I love the pacing and the build here. Super sexy flash

  3. Beautiful, hot and sensual, loved it!

  4. You already know I think it's hot. I love that they can be so inhibited. And throw caution to the wind an succumb to summer love. Loved this post, Muffy!

  5. Loved the sensuality and romanticism Muffy Perfect


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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