Friday, July 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, July 20, 2012 ~ Summer Sizzle

I imagine it is hot everywhere with the oppressive waves of humidity laying lazily like a blanket of swetlering sunshine one simply cannot escape.  But, I have good news!!!  It is Flash Fiction Friday and for a few moments, maybe more if you too are inspired, you can lay around in the cool dark calm of your privacy and read the sexy posts this subject photograph has inspired in the minds of some wonderful writers participating today.

I thought this photograph was taken in the sweet sizzling swamps of the Louisana Bayou where cousins spend alot of time together in the summer heat growing from girls into women, and the men are glad of it.  Have a saucy read of my 100 word shortie......then move on to the others, dahlin'.

Summer Sizzle

Ah declare, these dog days are wonderful for my complexion but are downright oppressive.  Why does God do this to me?  I cannot breathe!! 
Ultima, run ‘round and fetch me a bowl of ice, honey; I want you to cool me with the cubes.  Thank you, dahlin’.  Now start with my chest.  ‘Member how Momma used to rub our chests to get us to sleep?  Oh, cuz, that is dee-vine. You’re makin’ my nipples hard, sugah.............
Mah skin is on fire and my pussy tha furnace!  Trace one ‘o those down mah belly and slip it in mah…………yes, dahlin’, jus’ like that. 
I am really hot, now, baby gurl............  

Now, grab a bowl of ice so you can run 'round and have a lascivious look at more entertaining takes on the delicious photograph at Flasher Fiction Friday.  Skit, now, go..........go on, get !!!!

Savannah Chase
S. J. Maylee
Dianne Hartsock:
Julez S Morbius:
Sherri Hayes:
Venus Cahill:
Veronica Fredricks:


  1. Well that was sexy and would melt that cube in seconds.

  2. Hot and sexy. You certainly have a way with words Muffy

  3. Oh for Gods sake somebody get some ice. Even in the sadness this is hot. Your words are amazing, they play with my pheremones ;)

  4. Schorching Flasher. I love your tone even though the cousin angle is too much for my taste.

    1. Came outta nowhere for me too, Vee. Most of my writing never goes there either:) xo

  5. So fantasy hot erotic and cool too loved your great imagination

  6. oh man, the flava here is crazy cool. Hot Flash.

  7. I picture them lounging on the verenda of some southern plantation idling away a summer afternoon. Hot and yummy!

  8. Nostalgic post! Love the flow of your words.

  9. You are a wild one! :P Thanks for sharing Muffy. xxx


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