Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breathless Press Sunday Fun, July 29, 2012 ~ Phoenix Rising

Again, my friend Dianne Hartsock challenges us all with yet another Breathless Press Sunday Fun photo designed to spur the creative juices with this wonderful photograph.  And I popped out of a whole new hole for me, albeit a creative one, I think.  Read this short Sunday Fun Flash and see what you think.  Then let me know by leaving a comment below.  You know what a slave I am to praise..........Enjoy:) xo

Hey, wait!

You can’t take your shirt off here….

*bites lip* And the tie…

Well, maybe you can.

What do the rest of you think?

Phoenix Rising
We pulled into the driveway for it seemed like the first time.   My whole body was rushing, my heart pounded through my chest like a downhill racer.  We walked into the house and I offered her a drink; I had left the music playing and the lights dim so the view of the desert valley would shine against the night sky.  I had hoped to hide the inevitable. She accepted the offer and excused herself to freshen up.
She returned from the bathroom in just her lace underwear and lipstick.  I gulped a breath at her barefooted beauty, suspended in this moment, as if it were the first time I had ever seen her.  She was the most beautiful person I had ever known, and she loved me.  She whispered her love in screams of passion against my fevered chest….a chest she had not laid eyes upon in several months.
“Show me”, she murmured in the softest tone.  “Show me everything.”
I hesitated for a moment too long to her liking.  She rose; the crescendo of the music carried her to my side and she traced her red-tipped fingers across my chest as she circled around me to my back.  She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head from the back.
“Show me,” and Scheherazade filled the room with mounting anticipation in the fragrant, darkened shadows lit only by the flickering eyes of God.
Relieved she was at my back, I started to take off my tie and shirt.  Impatient was she, her arms around me from behind, with deft hands and fingers at ready work on my shirt.
I couldn’t breathe.  My heart palpitated and my pulse raced in eager anticipation.  I was frozen.  I wanted what we wanted but resisted the inescapable reveal of that first moment.  The veins in my neck stretched the announcement of my heat; perspiration formed on my upper lip as she unbuttoned my shirt.  And she circled to the front.
“Now, the tie…….take it off,” she near growled.
I complied with nervous stumbling fingertips, afraid of the end result.  Fearful of her negative response, would she be able to tell?   Would the scars belie my secret revealing me to the world as a fraud?  Would it make a difference?  More than that, would she still love me...want me?
At once, my clothes were in a fabric puddle around my feet; her eyes consumed every line, every inch, and every nuance of my body.  She walked around me, then stood before me framed by the image of the purple hued desert valley below with the stars in the night above.  Dressed only in satin and lace, she smiled.
Her smile broke the anxious expectation of anticipation; I relaxed, nervously, and finally breathed in what had seemed like an eternity.
“I can’t call you LuAnne anymore; will Larry do, darling?”
Breathless Press


  1. Wow ! Muffy Ji so splendid Sunday Fun Flash , It is almost midnight here . I enjoyed so wonderful caressing hot yummy post very erotic , Loved your so sweet words ,seemed like eternity . Xo jail

  2. You rocked it as usual my wonderful, erotic friend. :) Thanks for sharing. xo



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