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Muffy Wilson’s Top Ten New Year's Resolutions ~ Roane Publishing Blog Hop January 4th - 8th

Make More Love: 
For me, the Holidays are a time to rejoice at the love I have found in my life and to be grateful and rejoice. To be honored with not only the comforts that I require but the abundance of love I desire has been my greatest blessing. I celebrate all those that bring such joys into my life and share the abundance in my life. I must makes sure I make time to give back--regularly.

Make More Memories: 
Who can get away from the memories, both good and bad? Personally, I dwell upon the good. It is in my nature to abandon the bad things in my life to drift lifelessly into a sea of abandon. I even have a hard time, after a while, remembering the bad things that have happened, or been said or been done to me. I think it is because I do not give bad things breathing room or life. What cannot thrive does not live and if it does not live the pain is gone. If we make more good memories, there is no room for bad.

Honor Our Loss: 
I do think about those who have gone from my life, either from choice, circumstance, or death. They live on in my life through my heart and I acknowledge my loss and sadness that they are gone. I must honor that they lived and loved within us, to do otherwise denies their very existence and deserving place in my heart.

Rejoice the Children: 
I even love the commercials on television of the children tobogganing, eating, crying, fighting, playing with puppies. Thanksgiving is for the adults with a time of reflection and gratitude, but Christmas…ah, Christmas is for the children in all of us. It is at this time that we rejoiced in the birth of another child, a special child of love and peace. We celebrate that life then and now as He lives in all children—no matter our age. I must encourage the child in my heart to play and trive.

Make Time for Family: 
We live in a whirlwind world of speed and impatience. The Holidays really force us to sit, gather our wits, recharge and appreciate why we do all of this year after year. When I look around a room full of family, I see the faces and smiles of all who came first, before us. It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many loved ones. I want to spend more of this quality time with more of my family throughout the year to come.

Preserve the Stories: 
And with family comes the inevitable stories, jaunts big and small down memory lane about which we laughed, cried, fought, loved and honored. Those stories are the fabric of our lives, the jewels strung together one by one that join us in history and heritage. It is in the sharing of those family stories that we share our heritage with our children so that they will do the same.

Walk in the Weather: 
The weather has always played a part in the Holidays. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of deer season, hopefully with a sprinkling of snow to paint the landscape in a blanket of white to see the deer and muffle the sound of footsteps. And the cold. Christmas is full on snow and hot toddies by the fireplace with a sense of fellowship and sharing. It is a time to snuggle and with the closeness comes love. The New Year brings Spring and rebirth. I promise to be grateful for the cold as it is the peace and the genesis of new life.

Dance to the Music: 
There is always music. Why everyone singing sounds so much better is really in the choice of music. Holiday music is graceful, joyful and loving. We praise those that love us, dance with those who always smile in our presence. Music is uplifting and provides us with more magic in the fire, the snow, the cold, the hot chocolate. And everyone joins in. Music is the magic. I am going to sing more and bring my joy to the world!

Enjoy the Food Guiltlessly:
What can any of us say? Everyone is a great cook during the Holidays and memories are anchored by food and fellowship: Dad’s pecan pie, Mom’s stuffing and giblet gravy, Nana’s two fingers of Ten High with some making it into the bread pudding, green bean casserole, hot steamy dishes on cold nights in transit to a potluck. All the food is delicious, even if it is not, because it was made by loving hands and good intentions... I promise to eat guiltlessly and diet religiously afterward.

Take Time for Reflection and Quiet: 
And then finally, the quiet exhaustion when the small smile of reflection raises the corners of one’s mouth. Is there a better way to honor the passing of another Holiday, another year than with a warm brandy and the joy at creating more memories? And we are back where we started at the love. Ah….The Love. Make More Love 

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Married and living in the tropical paradise of SW Florida along the Gulf Coast, Muffy dabbles in real estate, writes and enjoys life in the sun with her husband and wee Havanese pup, Burt. 
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