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A Christmas Stocking by the Naughty Authors at Yellow Silk Dreams ~ Christmas 2015 Promotion

A Christmas Stocking
The Naughty Authors
Yellow Silk Dreams Publishing
Only $2.99
Included in the Bundled Boxed Set
Books for 1 Low Price

Excerpt "Spotlight" Working for Jeremy by Jacqueline George, YSD Author:

They settled in a back corner of the sandwich bar and waited for their food. “So, Shirl. Liking it at the agency?”
“Yes. It’s good. Nice people.” It was true. So far, Shirley was enjoying the agency. The work was interesting, the people dedicated and cheerful, and the little she had seen of the owner – Mr Jeremy Bradley-Smythe – left a good impression.
“I guess you’re right. I only came as a temp, but I stayed. We’re a bit special. Especially Jeremy. He’s definitely special.”
“He seems quite nice,” Shirley ventured.
“Oh, he is, believe me. When he invites you for dinner, accept him every time.  I do.”
Shirley was intrigued. Marilyn was big and solid, with cropped blonde hair that barely reached her collar. She looked handsome rather than pretty, and Shirley guessed she was as tall as Mr Bradley-Smythe. Shirley could not imagine them together.
“Really?  He takes you to dinner?”
“You’d be surprised. There’s more to our Jeremy than meets the eye, and I’m his favourite - from the office, at least.”
Marilyn stopped talking while the waitress laid their plates on the table and went back for their water. “I like this place,” she said. “The food’s always fresh, and the girls are cheerful too.”
Shirley did not care. She wanted to know more about Mr Bradley-Smythe. “You mean, you go out with Mr Bradley-Smythe, and some of the other girls do too?”
“Sure. Janice goes quite often, and Lucy. I have a suspicion he’s taken Tim out a couple of times. That wouldn’t surprise me. He’s very broadminded about that sort of thing.
“Freja used to be very popular, but she’s married now. When she was saving up for her honeymoon, she was fluttering her eyelashes at him like crazy. He must have enjoyed her, though, because he invited her nearly every week.  I wonder what she was doing for him.  More than she does for her husband, I bet. I never had the balls to ask her outright. I doubt she would tell me anyway.”
She looked up at Shirley who had stopped with her fork on the way to her mouth, and grinned. “That’s shocked you, hasn’t it?”
“Er – yes? I mean, you share him around the office?”
“Not really.  It’s more that when he feels like it, he hires one of us for the evening.”
“Hires you? But that’s –“
“It’s fine,” said Marilyn, cutting her off. “Just fine. It’s fun, and he’s very generous.  I don’t know what the others get, but he always packs me off with a thousand. That’s good money.”
“A thousand pounds!” said Shirley, and then thought again. “But you’re doing it for money. I don’t think I could do that.” This was a new world. Normal people never mixed sex and money. She shook her head to rid herself of the thought. “Doing it for money. It’s not – well – not, I don’t know. Right?”
“Yeah. Know how you mean. Still, they say every man has his price, and this girl certainly has hers. I’m not even sure if I like men anymore, but Jeremy’s different. Fun, and generous.
“You know, I used to work as a bouncer for a cathouse in Melbourne a few years ago. Perhaps that made it easier. Met all sorts working there. University students, house wives, newly divorced mums. Makes it hard to be prim when an opportunity like this comes along.”
“A thousand pounds. That’s a fortune.”
“Sure is. And it’s tax free. If he invites me out a couple of times in a month, I’ve virtually doubled my salary. And that’s not all. I wouldn’t say I fucked my way into the job I have now, but it certainly made life easier. Jeremy’s very fair like that. The sex is just a little business on the side”
They ate their sandwiches, Shirley scarcely tasting hers. Her brain was whirling.
Marilyn smiled at her confusion. “So, Shirl, shall I put in a word for you?”

Only $2.99
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Muffy, author of provocative romance about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in Texas to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and 'came of age' in France which forged her joie de vivre and love for books, writing and education. 
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