Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser ~ Dance Me Through Love by @SexyMuffyWilson

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser is upon us once more. It is a day I love to indulge myself by writing my interpretation of a picture prompt of my own selection. Today, I have chosen a dance between lovers in a smoke filled, darkened Cantina drawn together by the arousing rhythm of a sole guitar. The music, Obsession Confession comes compliments of the very talented and surprising Slash.

And while you are entertaining yourself listening to his wonderful flamenco solo, please leave me a comment and visit the other participating scribes for their inspirational pieces. They are at the link above or listed like notes dancing across a page of sheet music below. 

Enjoy, lovers ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Dance Me Through Love
Seated at the bar in the smoke filled room, only her pale exotic profile and the flesh of her legs were visible in the darkness. The achingly soulful music from the lone guitar rose from the depths like a strengthening, mesmerizing blaze. She toyed with a dirty Martini while the alabaster cleavage of her breasts rose with her nervous breath.

She felt him behind her; he moved so close, she was warmed by his heat. She shifted, uneasily, and crossed her long legs at the knees, exposing more lace covered flesh. 

Tonight, unlike any other night, he lowered his open mouth to her neck and whispered above the guitar, “Dance me through love”. His soft, feathered breath sent flames down her body and threatened a seductive inferno.

She rose gracefully, exposing more of her thigh through the slit in her tight skirt. Floating on currents of magnetic surrender into his embrace, he held her fully, pressing his body into her eager curves. 

He slid his impatient fingertips under her arm, at the soft fullness of her breast, then down to the hot small of her back. He pulled her tight so she could feel his growing response to the fragrance of her hair.

“Yes…...........”  as she melted into his body. 
© Muffy Wilson

Ray Sostre        Mangus Khan

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  1. Oh, I think it was a lot more than her hair he was responding to. Excellent tease, Muffy!

  2. A tease full of seduction and delight. Nice piece, Muffy.

  3. very romantic tease with just a hint of the erotic, perfectly written


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